Other People Might Not Know This

I subscribe to an endless number of elists, newsletters etc and the majority of them are not arts focused or even related. I subscribe to them for the same reason I read more than one newspaper – to find out how others are thinking and feeling. You want a more balanced view of things – read NOW and the Sun. I’ll never forget when Canada was thinking about going into Iraq –  the headlines read:

Globe and Mail: Canada Might Go To War
Star: It’s War!
Sun: Third Baby Cloned!

You see where I’m going with this.

Anyway – so many of the headlines on these articles, elists etc are focused on embracing creativity, finding the creative way to do things, determining how to connect with people – things people in the arts tend to do every day. So every so often I need to stop and read about how these ideas are being presented to others, from a different perspective. We need to get past the idea that everyone has the skill set to do the things we do. That’s how we’ll make what we do valuable to them. And that’s what will make them say yes when we ask them to dance.

Today’s headline: Is storytelling important or all hype?

WELL OF COURSE IT IS. You might as well ask me if brushing my teeth is important or all hype. But for some, “storytelling” is a catchphrase, like creativity is a buzz word.

Anyway  – here’s the article.

I’m on the Island for a couple of days, staying at Artscape Lodge. Here was the view from the beach last night near sunset. The wind and the waves were so incredibly loud you’d have to shout over them. I couldn’t hear myself think. And sometimes tha’s what you need.

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