Burger Broads, Antigone and Stratford makes me Smile

Next month I am off to a fundraiser called The Burger Ball, hosted by the Burger Broads in support of North America’s only vegetarian food bank.

Wait, what? What’s a Burger Broad?

From the website:

We started this Club in early Spring 2011.This blog went live December 2011. We are motley crew collective of  female burger lovers in Canada,specifically Toronto, who love everything about burgers, any kinda burgers! We are not babes.We are not Barbies.We ARE BROADS! We’re redefining burger culture and most importantly, what it means to be a BROAD We will NEVER  talk about big burger chains! THAT’s a Promise!We share our love of burger culture from meatatarian to vegetarian from all around the World.

Okay then. What’s a vegetarian food bank?

I asked why they were doing a burger-based fundraiser for a vegetarian food bank and got this answer: “because I like to raise funds and awareness for organizations that don’t get much press or monetary help…being Burger Broads,  I figured it should be for a food bank but since DailyBread.ca is a big outfit (and do fine without our help) I wanted to go with The Veg Food Bank. (who knew?! there was such a thing!? I love it!) Also, when people hear the word burger or Burger Broads.. they assume that it is meat… well,  it is but it’s not. A burger can also be a vegetarian burger and we  eat those too!”

Valid question, excellent answer and the idea of having a fundraiser for an organization that doesn’t get much press or financial assistance is something I can get behind. So I’m going. You should too. Burgers, beer and prizes for less than fifty bucks. Click here for details.

Speaking of small organizations, this week I’m seeing Antigone Dead People by Small Wooden Shoe.  Three shows only, am heading to the Friday matinée. You should come, click here for details.

Speaking of things that make me smile (well, we weren’t, but I am, so there you go) – Stratford has succumbed to Gangham Style. Made me smile out loud.

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