Things Cost Time and Money – Quit Devaluing Both

Mission Paradox had a great two-part blog post a couple of weeks ago:

Money and Marketing – Part 1

Money and Marketing – Part 2

Read them both. And when you are done reading both, take a hard look at your organization, your collective, your grant application.

You need to figure out what things actually cost, and put that figure down. Stop guessing, stop putting in a number that makes things balance on the spreadsheet. A spreadsheet is not real life.

What will you get for that amount?

What sort of time and skill will that amount buy you?

Is it a real number?

Opening Night Expenses – $200.

Really? If you have a house of 120 you need food for 120 and a cast and crew of ten and VIPS of another 10  at $7/average a drink ticket?

There’s the type of math to do before you pencil in a number. Is your number based on anything tangible?

We’ll get it donated.” Great! Put the number in anyway. I guarantee you’ll be able to use that arbitrary $200 somewhere else.  And when you get it donated – does someone have to pick it up? Does that require a car? Access to a refrigerator? Does it include plates and napkins?And who is going to do all that on opening night (because you need to pick up opening night food later in the day, if not during the show). So you’ve saved the money, but you’ve spent the time. What’s your time worth?

Just stuff to think about. I know, it’s first thing on Monday morning, but I woke up thinking about it, so here we are. Probably more on this at another time.

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  1. I love this post!


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