#Consultancy – Why Arts Consultants Need Their Own Online Presence

I do a fair number of workshops throughout the year and I have another one coming up next week. It’s through Arts Consultants Canada (I am a member) aimed specifically at arts consultants and freelancers, and how we need our own social media presence.

A consultant’s online presence can sort of straddle the idea of social media for individuals and social media for companies – if I use myself as an example, I am my brand and my brand is me – my knowledge and statements as Sue Edworthy very easily speak for my company.

If a consultant or freelancer thinks they don’t necessarily need to have their own social media presence, I disagree. If we’d like to use the original definition of “freelance”:

The term was first used by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832) in Ivanhoe (1820) to describe a “medieval mercenary warrior” or “free-lance” (indicating that the lance is not sworn to any lord’s services)

I’d imagine those medieval warriors had to keep their lances in prime condition, given that was their tool and the way they made their living. You’d do well to come to the webinar and learn how to stay on top of the social media landscape for the next medieval lord who comes knocking. It’s a question and answer, give and take, it’s not just listening to us talk about one thing. Hope you can join us. It’s November 7th, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM, in your computer. Click here to register


Professional Development Webinar
#Consultancy –
Why Arts Consultants Need Their Own Online Presence
Presentation & On-line Case Study
by ACCA Member
Sue Edworthy

Join Sue as she takes Heather Young, Treasurer of ACCA, on an exploration of the tools and strategies available to support the growth and development of her practice, Young Associates.

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