Who Has the Keys to the Customers?

(not a fan of the word customer, but here it’s a catchall for followers, fans, audience, patrons, donors etc)

When someone leaves an organization, we make sure they hand over a lot of things. Front door keys, security fobs, file cabinet keys, you get the picture. because those keys are the access to our work, our files, our photos you name it.

Don’t forget another important set of keys: your social media passwords.

You can replace the contents of a filing cabinet. You can buy more tape and file folders, and you probably should buy a new first aid kit anyway, because that thing is nasty, and all the Advil is long gone anyway.

Social media for an organization is usually the domain of someone younger, someone a bit lower on the totem pole. Those are the very folks whose internships end, the 3 year funding ends or they get a better offer. And they’re gone. Along with the password, the email the social media account was created under, the password hints, etc.  A full ring of social media keys.

Unless you’ve gotten those keys back, you’re looking at a locked file cabinet (online, of course) that contains your 3487 fans, your 976 followers, 1247 tweets and possibly a heck of a lot of links that nobody bookmarked because “it’s all on the Facebook page“. It also contains the name you really wanted from the page (because “Company” is now taken, and you don’t want “Company123”), relationships you started with those folks online – you name it. A lot of time an energy went into those accounts, a lot of tone of voice and tweets and retweets  – a lot. Now it’s gone.

So! the day the Facebook page or other social media account gets set up – get the following:

– the email address used to set up the account
– the user name
– the password

And put them in a safe place.  And may I suggest that each year, when we spring ahead, fall back, and change the smoke detector batteries, we also get an update on all those passwords?

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  1. good to know and glad to hear it – thanks!


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