Sunday Roundup – November 18

I don’t even want to think how close we are to  – anyway, about last week.

They Don’t Need You -better have a valid reason about hassling people into your theatre.

Next Stage Festival! – several things you need to know about Next Stage. New info is that passes go on sale, tomorrow I think! Go get one!

A Theatre Post – some stuff about theatre. And the NINE shows that opened last week

Stuff to Read, Stuff to Do, Stuff to Watch

I was invited to a workshop yesterday, the continuation/embiggening of the one I wrote about last January. The piece has gotten so much bigger, in a wonderful way. Many thanks as I am always honored to be invited into the process. I hope Anita continues to keep me posted.

Reminder it’s the TAPA AGM tomorrow.

All right that’s it for me today, I have to go grocery shopping and stuff as I have a guest over for dinner tonight, who is a favourite person. Today’s picture up there should give many of you a vague clue as to who it is.

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