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November 15, 2012

A Theatre Post

Apparently there are nine plays opening in Toronto this week. Don’t even tell me you’re bored with nothing to do.

In Facebook posted news – Sue Edworthy Arts Planning now has an intern. Her name is LeeAnne and she’s smart as a whip, quiet but funny and talks to the computer as much as I do. At one point today it sounded like we were having a conversation. We were not.

She’s great. Clients o’ mine? Expect to meet and hear from her on various stuff. Be nice.


whenever I see something that Soheil Parsa has worked on it makes me want to go home and do a whole bunch of research on either the play, the playwright or the era it’s set in. Congrats to cast and crew on opening The Lesson – I really liked it. I also think it would make an excellent episode of Criminal Minds. Go see.

Tonight I’m off to see In Adagio by Art&Lies Productions, did some social media and PR for them and I’m anxious to see the show. And there’s a talkback tonight. Go see this too.

Arts Day at the City and the release of the TAPA stats report happened Tuesday, for quick info bites you can search #artsdayTO on Twitter, or head to the TAPA website for press releases and downloads of the report.

And finally – is this perhaps the way to end the last minute ticket buying syndrome we’re all faced with? Coming soon to a theatre near you: Demand-based ticket pricing


November 13, 2012

Next Stage Festival!

Today as you hopefully know is Friends of the Arts Day At The City and we’re meeting with over half of Toronto City Council to talk about arts and culture. Full release here.

ALSO…it’s coming….from the Toronto Fringe…

You may know the Toronto Fringe as a raucous, fun-loving indie theatre festival that takes place every July. BUT! We also curate a vibrant festival called the Next Stage Theatre Festivalevery January at Factory Theatre.Next Stage is where we take the edgiest shows from the festival circuit, the most innovative up-and-coming emerging artists and most vivacious local companies and throw them together for 12 days of the best indie theatre in the country. You should come! Whether you’re a theatre veteran or a first-timer, Next Stage is a fun post-holiday outing for one and all.

What else?

! gift vouchers, so Next Stage tickets are great for stocking stuffer
! a heated beer tent in the courtyard of Factory Theatre
! no ticket over $15
! catch the latest indie sensation before it catches fire and say “I was there when…”

To buy tickets, starting November 19th, call the box office at 416-966-1062 or visit the website.

November 12, 2012

They Don’t Need You

really good post in Mission Paradox the other day Getting Along Fine Without You.

Last night my day job did an arts performance.  Since the venue only holds 250 people and a lot more people than that read this blog it’s very probable that you missed the show.  

How do you feel about that?

Do you feel like you missed out?

Probably not.  That’s because you are probably ok with whatever you did last night.  Maybe you watched TV, maybe you read a book, maybe you got drunk and did lines of cocaine.  Whatever you did, you were ok with it.

What’s my point?  The point is that you got along fine without what the art I offered.

That new audience you’re looking for?  The younger one?  The more racially diverse one?  The one with more (or less) money?  The one from the other part of town?

They are doing fine without you.

Day at the City is tomorrow, we shall descend on City Hall to meet with various City Councillors to stress the importance of the arts in a city that wants to be great. You can follow #artsdayTO on twitter to tag along for the journey. It’s also the release of the TAPA Stats report which will let you know just what the state of the  arts is in Toronto.

November 11, 2012

SundayRoundup – Nov 11 – Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day today, and I wanted to do a new slide show but my system is being glitchy. Here’s a story or two for you, and the link to the last slideshow.

My father Lt. Commander Charles Allison Stirling was a Lt. Commander in the Canadian navy, serving in the North Atlantic for most of the war.He was the Lt. Commander of the following Canadian corvette which was responsible for capturing the German sub. He told us how shocked he was when the crew emerged , how very young they were and suffering from malnutrition. The captain of the German ship gave my dad a pair of very hi-tech night vision binoculars from Germany.Eventually after serving his time in the Canadian prisoner of war camp in Penatanguishine,he returned to  Germany and after five years, the German captain emigrated to Canada.

from my Dad’s WWII diary November 1943, he was a wireless op/gunner on PBY Catalina Flying Boats: “We are flying again now and working as hard as I have for a long time. Have been on a detachment to Liberville in French Equatorial Africa and from there to Banana in Belgian Congo. At Liberville we slept in tents and were bitten by everything under the sun. There’s no news of our going home as yet so guess we’ll be here for ages and ages yet…. We were called out at midnight to do a trip, landed this morning, did 9 hrs. Came to mess for chop and slept all day. Went down to Sgts. mess and got stinko, crawled to bed about 1 or 2.”

Lest we forget.

Day In America, Day At The City, Where Are the Senior Managers?

Big Night Last Night

Day on the Hill, Day at the City, Office Concerts and more



November 9, 2012

Day on the Hill, Day at the City, Office Concerts and more

You may recall my mentioning I was a participant in Arts Day on the Hill in Ottawa a couple weeks ago. Great video below, courtesy Canadian Arts Coalition.

Next week is Day at the City! I have my councillor meetings list  and am all set.

I’m also working with Art & Lies Productions on their upcoming In Adagio, a new play creation by Jess Salgueiro, directed by Rosanna Saracino, featuring Jess Salgueiro and Danie Friesen. Opening next week, you should come check it out. Video below.


Spent a while at the Fringe the other day for the Little Lunchtime Concert they have in their office. Great experience. You should go next time.

Have a great weekend. And remember to remember

November 7, 2012

Big Night Last Night

It’s a good speech.

I’m off to do a webinar, and then do some work for art & lies theatre company  production of In Adagio, and do some word tweaking for The Quickening theatre company, and a social media editorial calendar for OCAF and for Young Associates.

And then I’ll do some work for Tuesday’s Day at the City.

Congrats to YPT and Nancy Webster – delighted you’re back!

November 6, 2012

Day In America, Day At The City, Where Are the Senior Managers?

Bit of a potpourri today – it’s Election Day in the States – apparently SIX BILLION DOLLARS was spent campaigning. Move to make a new rule – every dollar a candidate spends campaigning, they must give a dollar to one of five pre-approved causes, chosen by America, and not get a tax receipt.

Wise words on Facebook today from a US friend: This morning I am reminded how blessed I am to live in a country where the people choose those who lead and govern. Every voter has a moment alone with his or her conscience and can bring the best of themselves to a decision that serves every friend, every loved one, every stranger, every warrior in harm’s way, every child with a dream, and every dream within a child. We can choose to ignore venality, corruption, money thrown at us, fear-mongering, arm-twisting, and distortions of truth. In that moment, we choose not so much who our leaders will be, but who we are, and who we will become. VOTE.

Day at the City is next week and Friends of the Arts will descend on City Hall for meetings with nearly 30 city councillors to discuss the importance of arts and culture in our fair city. You’ll be able to follow us on Twitter at #artsdayTO.

Excellent article in the Huff Post Canada Where Are the Senior Arts Managers?  And yet from my experience, it is far more challenging to run a small arts organization in a mid-sized city than a large institution in a major urban center. And those smart arts managers who can successfully sustain and build a smaller organization have the skills required to manage just about any arts organization. It simply doesn’t matter how large the budget is; it matters whether an arts leader can create and implement a smart plan, create visibility, build revenue. and work effectively with artists, board members and staff. In other words, great arts entrepreneurs can be effective in organizations both large and small.

I created this blog post last year around this time. I’m going to do it again this year and I’d like to expand it. If you would like to participate this year (for the first time or again) you can message me photos and stories on Facebook. Or email them.

And a final reminder that I’m giving a workshop tomorrow for ACCA  and that’s workshop number nine this year, which may not sound like a lot, but its – well it’s a lot.

November 4, 2012

Sunday Roundup November 4

Before we get int it, I must tell you that I saw The Art of Time Ensemble’s War of the Worlds yesterday and loved it. They only have one more show,  it’s this afternoon so by all mean when you’re done futzing with the clocks get a ticket and go.

Now then –

Upcoming Toronto Fringe Stuff Yes, this is from last week, but a couple of things don’t close til tomorrow and the Creation Lab Open House is worth reading about again

#Consultancy – Why Arts Consultants Need Their Own Online Presence – I’ve got a workshop coming up this week!

Who Has the Keys to the Customers? got those passwords yet?
Some fun for Sunday. Or Monday. Or whenever you read it. A flow chart to test whether or not you’re a social media addict. Via Independent Fashion Bloggers and Kelsey Tham, and then via my coastal colleague Rebecca Coleman.


November 2, 2012

Who Has the Keys to the Customers?

(not a fan of the word customer, but here it’s a catchall for followers, fans, audience, patrons, donors etc)

When someone leaves an organization, we make sure they hand over a lot of things. Front door keys, security fobs, file cabinet keys, you get the picture. because those keys are the access to our work, our files, our photos you name it.

Don’t forget another important set of keys: your social media passwords.

You can replace the contents of a filing cabinet. You can buy more tape and file folders, and you probably should buy a new first aid kit anyway, because that thing is nasty, and all the Advil is long gone anyway.

Social media for an organization is usually the domain of someone younger, someone a bit lower on the totem pole. Those are the very folks whose internships end, the 3 year funding ends or they get a better offer. And they’re gone. Along with the password, the email the social media account was created under, the password hints, etc.  A full ring of social media keys.

Unless you’ve gotten those keys back, you’re looking at a locked file cabinet (online, of course) that contains your 3487 fans, your 976 followers, 1247 tweets and possibly a heck of a lot of links that nobody bookmarked because “it’s all on the Facebook page“. It also contains the name you really wanted from the page (because “Company” is now taken, and you don’t want “Company123”), relationships you started with those folks online – you name it. A lot of time an energy went into those accounts, a lot of tone of voice and tweets and retweets  – a lot. Now it’s gone.

So! the day the Facebook page or other social media account gets set up – get the following:

– the email address used to set up the account
– the user name
– the password

And put them in a safe place.  And may I suggest that each year, when we spring ahead, fall back, and change the smoke detector batteries, we also get an update on all those passwords?

November 1, 2012

#Consultancy – Why Arts Consultants Need Their Own Online Presence

I do a fair number of workshops throughout the year and I have another one coming up next week. It’s through Arts Consultants Canada (I am a member) aimed specifically at arts consultants and freelancers, and how we need our own social media presence.

A consultant’s online presence can sort of straddle the idea of social media for individuals and social media for companies – if I use myself as an example, I am my brand and my brand is me – my knowledge and statements as Sue Edworthy very easily speak for my company.

If a consultant or freelancer thinks they don’t necessarily need to have their own social media presence, I disagree. If we’d like to use the original definition of “freelance”:

The term was first used by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832) in Ivanhoe (1820) to describe a “medieval mercenary warrior” or “free-lance” (indicating that the lance is not sworn to any lord’s services)

I’d imagine those medieval warriors had to keep their lances in prime condition, given that was their tool and the way they made their living. You’d do well to come to the webinar and learn how to stay on top of the social media landscape for the next medieval lord who comes knocking. It’s a question and answer, give and take, it’s not just listening to us talk about one thing. Hope you can join us. It’s November 7th, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM, in your computer. Click here to register


Professional Development Webinar
#Consultancy –
Why Arts Consultants Need Their Own Online Presence
Presentation & On-line Case Study
by ACCA Member
Sue Edworthy

Join Sue as she takes Heather Young, Treasurer of ACCA, on an exploration of the tools and strategies available to support the growth and development of her practice, Young Associates.

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