a happy non-traditional fundraising post

ct moneythis whole caper has filed me with joy from the get go – Corin Raymond’s Canadian Tire Money Caper.

From the website: The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper of 2012 is almost over. In January I’m putting out a new (double) album called Paper Nickels, and the production of it has been almost entirely paid for with Canadian Tire money. The bill from The Rogue Music Lab here in Toronto (a studio which has accepted Canadian Tire money at par for twenty years) for the two-disc, twenty-song album which my band and I recorded live at The Tranzac Club last January, comes to $7,333.75. The total I’ve amassed over the past 11 months is  $5,824.30. That’s the tally right now. It changes every day. Read more

Nearly SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS in Canadian Tire Money. And he’s so close to his goal. If you’ve got any CT money – check the glove compartment, the junk drawer, the home office, because everyone’s got some somewhere – the mailing address is on the link above. And a photo of just what that much Canadian Tire money looks like.

So pleased and proud to know someone like Corin.

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