Sunday Round-up December 16

It has been a week of tying up loose ends, or starting new beginnings. What a year it’s been.

Quick note to let you know I will be closed December 20  – 26 then back at it.

About last week…

Linky Monday – stuff for you to read while I was at City Hall, including my article for Charlebois Post – I got a tweet from them the other day which I thought was kind of cool:


a happy non-traditional fundraising post


Client Shout out – item – I said in this post I’d know of two more clients becoming real by the end of that day – very pleased to be doing some work with Red One Theatre and Necessary Angel in the New Year.

Onward into the day – I have scripts to read and a rehearsal to visit. And it’s a week til Christmas and Hannukah is underway. Busy all of us. Stay warm, stay dry.

ETA: Oh my, I forgot this poor little article. Don’t worry little article, you are here, you are safe, you are loved as much as a monkey named Darwin.

Real Estate? Maybe. Curb Appeal? Definitely.


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