I Do Not Have Calvin’s Technology


And so I have hired someone. Her name is Lisa, she’s awesome and smart and fun to work with and we get stuff DONE. Please welcome her, you will be hearing from her, in fact the first thing I asked her to do was write a blog post. She’ll be writing more in the weeks to come.

A Company of … Two!

As of today I’ve been officially welcomed to the Sue Edworthy Art Planning team. As of today we can officially use the word ‘team’ because there’s two of us.

Here are a few reasons I’m looking forward to working with Sue:

  • Experience: Working in this team of two means I won’t get lost in the crowd. Sue will be training me as I work alongside her. I have a lot to learn but I’m looking forward to the challenge.
  • Exposure: Working with Sue means I get to experience every aspect of the marketing and communication world. There are no departments or specific project leaders. I think my official title is ‘Communications Coordinator’ but we kind of just made that up. I’ll get to do a bit of everything: press releases, grant proposals, social media outreach, and even budgeting (ahh!)
  • Attitude: Sue is equal parts business and casual with touch of sass (sarcasm –  Sue do you hate being called sassy?). Her realistic nature is going to help keep me focused and motivated.
  • Familiarity: Of which I have little. I’m new to Toronto and can’t wait to become familiar with the artists, producers, and behind-the-scenes brains of the Toronto Arts and Culture world. I’d also like to memorize some important, applicable acronyms (LOL and NSFW don’t count).
  • Content: Sue’s current client list is full of exciting people and projects. I’m going to get to see a lot of great theatre in the next few months! (And so will you!)

As I type this Sue and I are sitting in the Gladstone  sipping on a celebratory glass of wine and staring at our computer screens. Sue just asked hers to PFO. (Hmmm sassy, much?) It’s a perfect close to our first day.

Item: Sure you can call me sassy. Once. And I keep track. Welcome aboard Lisa, glad you’re here – SE

Item 2 – This is Sue Edworthy Arts Planning’s 400th blog post. Seems momentous. Thanks to all who subscribe, follow, read, share and re-tweet. You are much appreciated.

3 Responses to “I Do Not Have Calvin’s Technology”

  1. ok, first, love the synchronicity. love it!
    second, looking forward to meeting you Lisa, but I shall wait my turn as I am no help in the acronym department 😉
    third, happy Valentines day to you both 🙂


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