Sunday Roundup – February 17th

schoollifeFamily Day tomorrow, so a long weekend for many. A reminder that today’s the final day for The De Chardin Project in the TPM Backspace. And 4.48 Psychosis doesn’t have a Sunday show, but does have a Monday show. Meanwhile;

I Didn’t Know The Pope Could Quit

Ticket Deal – 4.48 Psychosis Preview (this deal has expired, now BTW)

I Do Not Have Calvin’s Technology

This Valentine is Awesome, and 4.48 Psychosis opens tonight

Monday is Family Day So I’m Working on this Instead

And since it’s Sunday, and a long weekend, it’s possible you’ll be cooking later, lazier breakfasts today and tomorrow – so here’s a bonus link that seems appropriate:  How to Cook Bacon Perfectly Like a Chef.

Have a good weekend, no matter what you’re doing.



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