things going well and not so well in the socialmediaverse

So many articles lately on examples of social media done well and things going not well. It’s a grey paperwork admin kind of day, so I thought I’d round them up for you and let you see for yourself.

Remember Oreo and the Superbowl? Article on how you can do it too: Four Ways to build on Oreo’s winning strategy

Love this – teaching spelling via twitter. Makes me happy, seeing real world situations used to teach. Grade Two students fix spelling errors

Inside HMV’s Twitter Disaster – am sure you heard about this one, and makes me think of a previous post I wrote, Who has the Keys to your Customers?

And of course, most recently – Burger King Twitter Account Hacked

And before you say, but these are huge companies, they have tons of staff etc etc remember – you can always apply ideas. And if you need an example of a small company doing it, oh so wrong – click here. I’ll say that Steps One through Four made me shake my head, but Step Five was what made my jaw drop.

Go get a coffee and do some reading.

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