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February 12, 2013

Ticket Deal – 4.48 Psychosis Preview

john picOkay people, you really can’t go wrong with this deal. See below.
Buy 1 full price ticket , get the 2nd ticket for $4.48 to see our production of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis, directed by Vikki Anderson.
That’s right folks, buy a regular $15 ticket to our Tuesday or Wednesday night preview performances (February 12 + 13) and bring a friend for only $4.48!!!
Offer available by calling the box office at 416-368-3110 or in person at 26 Berkeley Street. Shows begin at 8:00 PM Downstairs at Canadian Stage Berkeley Street Theatre.
For more info please visit
Photo:Bruce Godfree, Raven Dauda and Laura Condlln/Photography by John Lauener



February 11, 2013

I Didn’t Know the Pope Could Quit

well, I didn’t. I assumed he had to die in office, so to speak. And now I’m thinking again about the fantastic movie Habemus Papam that I saw at TIFF a couple years back. You should rent it.

Anyway – here we are on a Monday morning. Looking forward to a busy client week, starting off with a meeting at OCAF, and seeing the DeChardin Project tomorrow night and 4.48 Psychosis opening Thursday.

I’m also tweaking and fine tuning the course description for the class I’m tag-teaching in March/April, which leads to two links I found last week

Avoid Lazy Language – Say What You Mean
27 Phrases to Slash from Your Copy

wise words in both – pun intended. New phrase I learned:  déformation professionnelle (looking at things from the point of view of one’s profession) which applies to Maslow’s hammer, which I did know about, but now have the origin of.


Got five? Take a look at your copy and play a bit of buzzword/acronym bingo with it. Just so you’re aware of it.


February 10, 2013

Sunday Roundup – February 10

It’s bright and sunny out and if I listen hard, I can hear melting sounds. Congrats to all who stayed off the roads Friday.

44-37-24K and being on top of it. – Superbowl blackout and the speed at which some companies and random people reacted to it. Applause to the fact that no company managed to create a Cole or Kardashian faux pas.

Valentines, Civil Debates, Art-Science and March Break  – Looking forward to the Civil Debates, I’ll be there for at least one of them.

Snow Day!!! – Like a Friday post, but with more snow.

Saw some really good things on Toronto stages last week – I mentioned Shakespeare’s Nigga on Friday, but today I’ll add to that The Penelopiad (closing today, some rush seats available, get there super early, like Fringe early) and was at dress rehearsal for 4.48 Psychosis last night – we open that on Thursday. De Chardin Project is playing for another week in the Backspace at Passe Muraille and I’ll see that too. And Monday, fu-GEN goes into rehearsal for Ching Chong Chinaman and I’m looking forward to working with them.
Also mentioned that two new pages got created on this site – Twittermonials and Current Performance Clients. Am extremely pleased with both.

Heading into a busy week! Can’t wait.

February 8, 2013

Snow Day!!!

snowstormQuick post today as who knows how many of you are trapped somewhere in the snow.

Was at Theatre Passe Muraille last night for the opening of Shakespeare’s Nigga. I like a show where I walk in and the first thing I say is, “Oh my God, look at the set!!” Trevor Schwellnus has done it again.

Bit of background on this work – it was originally meant to be produced the same year I was working at Passe Muraille and, as happens sometimes, it didn’t happen. Sad, as I was really looking forward to it. So essentially I’ve been waiting for –  six? seven? years to see it. Joe is a great writer, I still use the example of his Born Ready as a play that touched the audience at the time and still gives me chills.

Loved this piece. Loved it. Utterly satisfying work. Brilliant stuff happening on that stage. Congrats to Obsidian Theatre and Passe Muraille and all involved. You need to go see it. Get a ticket.

Also, this is kind of cool: Call for Submissions: Seeking Independent Theatre Companies to Partner and Produce Season

918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media & Education ( and Apuka Theatre ( are accepting proposals from Toronto-based independent theatre companies to help form a new ‘loose association’ of companies based out of 918 Bathurst that will facilitate the development and production of works and enliven the Centre. Read more…

A reminder that I’m teaching in March/April : Arts and Entertainment Administration CDAM 101 at the Chang School!  If you work in the cultural sector as an individual or as a group, Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education can help you develop entrepreneurial skills to support your creative work through a new three-course series in Arts and Entertainment Administration. The course series will provide learners with a blend of practical and theoretical instruction in a format that arts managers, potential arts managers, and individual artists will find suitable for their experience. A key aspect of instruction will be to address issues for both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Okay get out there – or stay in, whichever and have a good Friday!


February 6, 2013

Valentines, Civil Debates, Art-Science and March Break

More of a PSA than anything else today so let’s get started.

In the interest of my own list-making self and a bit of promo for my clients I’ve created a new page called  Current Clients – they are the production based ones with  basic info about each of them. It’s a very satisfying list on many levels.

If you make a donation to the Toronto Public Library Foundation, they’ll send out a Valentine for you.

Praxis Theatre spent some time at the Next Stage Festival, seeking input on their upcoming Civil Debates series.  After receiving over 100 suggestions for debate topics as well as a slew of suggestions for debaters through their interactive installation at The Next Stage Festival, Praxis Theatre and The Theatre Centre have distilled three resolutions to be tackled at the first three Civil Debates.
Admission: PWYC Doors at 7pm; debates at 7.30pm
The Theatre Centre Pop-Up, 1095 Queen St. W.

March 7, 2013 1: Creative Cities
Be it resolved that the Creative Cities theories serve to reinforce dominant class structures.
April 4, 2013 2: Arts Boards
Be it resolved that Boards of Directors have the right and responsibility to overrule the Artistic Direction of a theatre company.
May 2, 2013 3: Idle No More
Be it resolved that the issues that created the Idle No More movement require extreme methods to achieve change.

Interesting list of places online (and IRL) that science and art collide.

And finally MAAAARRRRRRCH BREAAAAAAAAAK! YEAH! (TM Milhouse VanHouten)Crow’s Theatre is doing a March Break Camp. It looks awesome. So do the instructors. Details to be found here. You know they have a new home, right?



February 4, 2013

44-37-24K and being on top of it.

watched the Superbowl last night – good game. Not usually a football watcher, but hey, it’s the Superbowl.

So it was a good game, punctuated of course by a half hour power outage.  Lots immediately being said on Twitter  – the things that entertained me the most?

Well, Tide detergent was immediately all over it:


so was Oreo

Capture2ETA: How Oreo Got That Twitter Ad Up So Fast

Nicely done, taking something everyone was talking about and using it to their advantage in a very fun way. No Kenneth Cole or Kardashian faux pas on either of them .Well done.

This amused me the most


the blackout lasted 30 minutes according to the network I was watching. In 44 minutes, SuperBowl Lights posted 37 tweets, and gathered 24,000 followers.

How fast can your social media jump on something populist and use it to your advantage? How nimble are you?

February 3, 2013

Sunday Round-Up February 3

And with that, it’s February.

Plays and tots and language and acronyms

Who Are Your A Clients?

A Night of Celebration and How to Hail A Cab

It was a really – thick – week of art last week. I started it by going to the reading of Brad Fraser’s new play Kill Me Now and still haven’t quite found the right words to explain it, so I’m stealing Martin Julien’s: Tonight’s reading of Brad Fraser‘s new play KILL ME NOW restored to me some faith in the power of the traditionally well-made realist drama. Brad does this by placing important and contradictory human issues and impulses on an accessible stage and demands that they be visible as part of our public discourse, not just as pathologised and politicized talking points, but as moving, flesh-and-blood provocations. Bravo.

Thursday was the opening of Kardionic – absolutely wonderful work. An amazing split between a very organic free flowing feeling and a much more precise, “scientific” look. Like two shows in one. go and see.

Friday – grant grants grants. It may be words and budgets, but it’s still art.

In between all this we managed to create a new page called current clients that will list everything about shows I’m working on all in one spot, for my sake as well as yours. It will go up this week.  Also made a fun little page/slideshow called twitter-monials. I figure if folks are kudo-ing you on twitter, might as well put them all in one spot and use it. I also think it’s a good way to keep the social in social media and share back some info about the tweeting folks.

Absolutely fun day with Dahlia Katz yesterday with new headshots and Nina Simone. I was there longer than I anticipated, so I didn’t make it to Totsapalooza, but based on this photo, I don’t know there was room for a latecomer. Congrats one and all.

Little bit of Nina for your morning coffee or tea.

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