Laws of Motion, World Theatre Day, Mission Paradox

The producers of Laws of Motion will be on Stage Left at 11 to make a show announcement – tune in if you can, or watch the FB event page for more details.

World Theatre Day is coming up. Are you celebrating? By doing what? I’m doing some work with PACT this year to try and get the word a little more out about World Theatre Day and we’ll be coming up with some simple things you can do to create a bit of buzz, a bit of recognition. The internationals do it well, the US does it well, we all shared the John Malcovich link last time, perhaps we can have a national focus this year. CAn’t do it without your help, so instead of suddenly remembering at two in the afternoon, or saying, “Um, happy world theatre day?” awkwardly to a friend – Stay tuned.

Finally yet another absolutely true post from Mission Paradox

Never ask a question if you aren’t willing to accept AND act upon the answer. This is a particularly relevant set of criteria for those of us in the arts.  Let me explain why through a recent conversation.  A few details have been changed:

Organization:  We want to know what our audience thinks about our work.

Me:  What if they come back and say they loved that big, splashy, expensive performance of Swan Lake you did?  What if they want to see more of that?

Organization:  We can’t afford to do more of that, plus it would go against our mission.

Me:  So don’t ask.

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Today is about shopping for press kit stuff for Ching Chong Chinaman, and press releases going out, and tonight back to Ryerson to teach  more marketing stuff. We’re starting social media next week. Onward, into the day!

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