Bits and Pieces For Friday, and Going Viral

A few things swirling around in my inbox, my bookmarks and my brain which seem appropriate for a Friday.
 Ching Chong Chinaman opened last night, The Whipping Man opens in a week, and another client is looking for an SM.
One Little Goat is seeking a Stage Manager for our upcoming English Language World Premiere of THE CHARGE OF THE EXPORMIDABLE MOOSE by Quebec visionary Claude Gauvreau (1925-1971) at the Tarragon Extra Space, May 10-26, 2013, with rehearsals beginning April 9.  Equity and non-Equity applicants welcome! Please contact Artistic Director Adam Seelig for details at 416 915 0201 or adam(at)

For a moment I thought this was a “real” New Yorker item, thinking it read like an Onion piece – then I saw Borowitz’s byline. Funny because given the media frenzy, it could absolutely be true – when in doubt, blame the media. Unsuccessful Pope Candidate Blames Media.

I HOPE IT GOES VIRAL!  Familiar sentiment, familiar statement. Good article in the Globe this week – How Catchy Works: The Three Factors That  Make Things Go Viral. Read it and see if any of it applies to your campaign, your ideas, your art.

Something else to think about when you’re hoping it goes viral, whatever it may be – what is viral to you? What does it mean? If you feel that viral is only applicable to a million hits or more, then you might want to think again. Look at your product, your reach, the interest it might generate and who those interested people are. And how many of them exist. Is a thousand a version of viral to you? Five hundred? A million hits might be believable and executable to a pop singer, a huge organization, a publically funded flash mob. But if your reach and supporters is under a thousand in real time, real life – what does viral mean to you?

Something else to consider – what does viral do for you? How does it translate into ticket sales, art sales, film distribution, CDs? Does it matter if someone in rural Saskatchewan has clicked on your video, your post? It might, it might not, depending on who you are and what you do.
“Well it raises awareness.” Uh huh. I’m currently aware of my elbow. It doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything about it. What does awareness mean. BY clicking your video, I’m aware you exist. Hopefully I’ll do something about it.

I HOPE IT GOES VIRAL! is not the end of the game, it is not the final part of the marketing. It’s yet another tool to make something else happen.

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