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March 14, 2013

March 27 is World Theatre Day

Wednesday, March 27. 2013 is WORLD THEATRE DAY

I am giving you a week’s notice so you can plan to do something other than smile weakly at someone around three pm and mutter, “uh – happy theatre day?” Read on.

As far as I can remember, everything I have ever learned, and that has mattered to me, I have learned through storytelling. And I have learned much by being told and telling stories through theatre…

D’aussi loin que je me souvienne, tout ce que j’ai appris et qui a de l’importance à mes yeux, je l’ai appris par la voie des contes. J’ai appris énormément par les histoires qu’on m’a racontées et celles que j’ai racontées au théâtre.

March 11, 2013… The Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT), Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC) and  l’Association des théâtres francophones du Canada (ATFC) have once again joined forces to promote World Theatre Day from  a distinctly Canadian  perspective.

Says Micheline Chevrier, Associate Director of Imago Theatre“I am very honoured to have been asked by PACT, PGC and ATFC to write the message on the occasion of World Theatre Day. In doing so, I have had to reflect on the importance of telling stories, taking risks and broadening one’s understanding of the world. It has been a great gift. I look forward to reading other messages and taking inspiration and strength from those thoughts into my work.”

Created in 1961 by UNESCO, World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on March 27 by theatre communities around the globe. The impetus behind World Theatre Day is to honour and further UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute’s goals to:

  • Celebrate the power of theatre as an indispensable bridge-builder for mutual international understanding and peace.
  • Promote and protect cultural diversity and identity in communities throughout the world. Each year, a renowned theatre artist of world stature is invited to craft an International Message to mark the global occasion. This year we are proud to add a distinctly Canadian voice to these messages – click here for the full text of Ms. Chevrier’s message, and watch the french version video release embedded below.

How can you or your company be a part of the celebrations? Visit the PACT website for a list of easy ways to start a conversation, make an offer to audiences, or ways to let others know you’re celebrating the importance of theatre in Canada. You can also visit the PGC website and take part in the one tweet play challenge.

For more World Theatre Day info and activities around the world, visit:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Locally, Nationally, Internationally, Live and On-line


March 12, 2013

Content with your Content

(love the english language…)

Out and about today, meetings and off to the Fringe to be part of a video talking about my favourite Fringe memories. I have a ton. I will narrow it down by the time I get there.

SO – quick and dirty post today for everyone who has ever made a Facebook page, or a web page and then thought they have no idea what to say now that it’s up. INFOGRAPHIC!

Fun fact – this infographic used to contain 21 type of content – it now contains ten based on viewer votes – a type of content in itself. I smile at that. Brought to you by Infinigraph, shared by a guy named Scott.Also please note his please note at the bottom, and remember that item #2 does not refer to his please note. Nice try.




March 11, 2013

Laws of Motion, World Theatre Day, Mission Paradox

The producers of Laws of Motion will be on Stage Left at 11 to make a show announcement – tune in if you can, or watch the FB event page for more details.

World Theatre Day is coming up. Are you celebrating? By doing what? I’m doing some work with PACT this year to try and get the word a little more out about World Theatre Day and we’ll be coming up with some simple things you can do to create a bit of buzz, a bit of recognition. The internationals do it well, the US does it well, we all shared the John Malcovich link last time, perhaps we can have a national focus this year. CAn’t do it without your help, so instead of suddenly remembering at two in the afternoon, or saying, “Um, happy world theatre day?” awkwardly to a friend – Stay tuned.

Finally yet another absolutely true post from Mission Paradox

Never ask a question if you aren’t willing to accept AND act upon the answer. This is a particularly relevant set of criteria for those of us in the arts.  Let me explain why through a recent conversation.  A few details have been changed:

Organization:  We want to know what our audience thinks about our work.

Me:  What if they come back and say they loved that big, splashy, expensive performance of Swan Lake you did?  What if they want to see more of that?

Organization:  We can’t afford to do more of that, plus it would go against our mission.

Me:  So don’t ask.

read more…

Today is about shopping for press kit stuff for Ching Chong Chinaman, and press releases going out, and tonight back to Ryerson to teach  more marketing stuff. We’re starting social media next week. Onward, into the day!

March 10, 2013

Sunday Roundup – March 10

Feels like spring is on its way this week – I hope so. Everyone’s got that same tired of boots and coats and scarves look about them. Let’s open some windows!

Last week: oh, and within these links are trailer videos to a show that’s running, a show opening this week, and a show opening next week. Don’t say I never tell you anything. And while we’re at it, I’m assuming you’ve turned your clock forward.

School is in Session and We’ve got Video!

More Video, Artist Earnings, Retrograde Mercury and Media and Patti Smith

One more Video, and a Clever Idea from Canadian Stage

In other news over the past couple of weeks a talented marketing student named Jo Hewitt has been busily creating a Facebook page for my business, and it’s finally gone live. I figure it’s going to pretty much be a FB version of this website, with a little extra client content thrown in. Many thanks for your work, Jo – you did a good job and it’s much appreciated.

Finding this to be extremely cool: Like whatever, eh? U of T prof tracks evolution of Canadian English across generations.

Off into the day with you – have a spectacular Sunday.


March 8, 2013

One more Video, and a Clever Idea from Canadian Stage

Trailer for Marco Veltri’s Words to Remember:

When there is a cure for Alzheimer’s what will recovering patients have to tell their friends and family about life?
Pasquale Marco Veltri’s latest film “Words to Remember” examines the answer to that question –  what memories are there in the minds of Alzheimer sufferers? What could they tell us and what will we learn from them?

Some smart cookies over there at Canadian Stage.  I mean, I knew that before but I rarely yell, “OMG that’s BRILLIANT!” in a restaurant.

NEW: Free Childcare During THIS

Bring your kids to the theatre on Saturday, April 6 to enjoy a fun arts workshop while you check out THIS with your friends.
We’re pleased to announce a new childcare program, in partnership with Improv Care, to help make your trip to the theatre even easier.
On Saturday, April 6 during the 2 pm performance of THIS, we will offer on-site childcare provided by Improv Care. Improv Care has been providing professional on-site group child and youth care to organizations throughout the city since 2002.

The afternoon features a mask making workshop and a costume party for children aged two to 12, and gives you a convenient and reliable babysitting option. Childcare is free with a ticket to that matinee performance. (Maximum two children per adult, please, to ensure as many families as possible can participate. If you require accommodations, please contact Erin Schachter per the below.)Please call our box office at 416.368.3110 and let them know you’re interested in registering your child(ren) in the program on April 6. Bookings must be made over the phone.For full information on the program, Improv Care, the on-site leader, the activity plan, and more, please visit our website. If you have any questions please contact: Erin Schachter, Education and Audience Development Manager, at or 416.367.8243 ex 280.


March 6, 2013

More Video, Artist Earnings, Retrograde Mercury and Media and Patti Smith

Fantastic video from The Whipping Man, a Harold Green Jewish Theatre production in association with Obsidian Theatre – director Philip Akin. At the bottom of the post for your viewing pleasure.

An excellent article from the National Post on artist earnings, specifically indie musicians, and I agree with a friend who said it was possibly one of the best written articles on a stats report she’d seen.

Mercury is in retrograde til the 17th. Whether you believe in that stuff or not, enough people bring it up and blame it to have an effect.   Mercury is the planet of communication in all forms.  This includes verbal, email, phones, internet, written, signing papers and electronics.  It can also affect mechanical issues such as your computer or your car.  In retrogrades, communications are affected negatively. It was in retrograde through Pisces.

Mercury in retrograde with Pisces. Planet of Communications (also my ruling planet) in retrograde with the sign for artistic endeavours. I spent yesterday afternoon juggling six interviews with three newspapers with four actors on two shows. It all worked out in the end.  Wanna dance, Mercury?


Speaking of media – great little post from Seth Godin on Understanding Local Media

Tonight I’m off to the Patti Smith exhibit at the AGO .
There’s a talk after, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s obviously been a delightfully theatre-centric few weeks, but sometimes you need other art to sustain you, perk you up and juice up your creativity from another angle. It’s like a dill pickle after days of bread.


March 5, 2013

School is in Session + We’ve Got Video!

CCC_POSTCARD_FRONT-690x1024(no, not video of school. I mean really. But we do have videos.)

CDAM -101 started last night and marketing for the arts is in full swing. We’ve got a group of twenty students who run the artistic gamut from filmmakers to theatre artists to arts administrators to visual artists and they all seem to be quite bright and funny and excited to be there and I am really looking forward to it.

Then I came home and continued the paperwork. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of paperwork (although this time is is the set up process and it is worth it.)

I am an official Ryerson instructor now, I am a member of CUPE Local 3904, Unit 2 and I have an ID and an email address and soon I will have a plastic card that gives me privileges to get in and out of rooms. It’s all quite exciting.

Videos for Tuesday!

We’ve got client videos, first of all a great little video interview with Chris Stanton who’s directed Laws of Motion, currently playing at the Jam Factory above Merchants of Green Coffee in Leslieville. I’m going tonight to see it, and you should check it out as well – stellar review from Mooney on Theatre. Sidebar laugh – Chris and I have never worked together in all the time we’ve travelled in the same theatre world circles, and suddenly WHAM! We’re one three shows together in five weeks.

Next video – promo shot for fu-GEN’s Ching Chong Chinaman which is a fantastic little piece. Saying the phrase “Ching Chong Chinaman” is guaranteed to get you an odd look, not including the one on your own face. Watch and see.



March 3, 2013

Sunday Roundup – March 3

Brady LOMI think March came in like a lamb, but am not entirely sure. Perhaps it was some other animal.
A reminder that Laws of Motion opened on March 1, and is running till March 15. Check it out.
Photo by Lindsay Anne Black.

Last week!

facebook likes, facebook interactions – Monday infographics

You Can’t Spell Carpet Without Art – but Art Isn’t Carpet – several likes and shares on this one – I’m glad it resonated with folks, as it seemed to stick the landing in my head.

Recommended Reading and My Class Starts Monday

Last week seemed to be a week of articles on how to be a good writer, how to be a better writer, better, best, bested.  Here’s one of them. And for a laugh about your website that might ring true –  Things Nobody Has Ever Said about Your Website.

Happy Sunday!

March 1, 2013

Recommended Reading and My Class Starts Monday

this weekend I’m cleaning up my blog roll – any suggestions of who I should put up there?  Mission Paradox is definitely one of them, and below is a recommended reading of their posts. Showed up in my inbox the other day.

Canada Council deadline today, and grant is ready to go, all but the signing. I’ll wave bye bye as I immediately have to hunker down and start creating a course rubric because I start teaching on Monday –  Jacoba and I have come up with a course that is practical boots on the ground with case studies and projects so that you’ll come away with useful advice, not just the theory of arts marketing. Today is the last day to register I think.

I’ll also be working again with PACT to get the word out about World Theatre Day, coming up March 27.
And a reminder that Laws of Motion opens tonight!

Get your grants out the door, your paperwork done because it is indeed Friday and we can’t have that hanging over our heads all weekend. And enjoy the following from The Mission Paradox.

1.  Uncommon Service – I truly believe that the ability to define and deliver superior customer service is going to be the thing that separates strong arts organizations from those that fail.  This book provides a good framework for understanding and implementing service.

2.  The Icarus Deception – Seth Godin has long been one of my “invisible mentors” i.e. someone whose advice I have respected and followed for years.  If you don’t read this book, we can’t be friends.

3.  Harvard Business Review – I particularly like the case studies because they present difficult problems with no clear/easy solutions.

4.  Presentation Zen (blog/book) – The ability to effectively present an idea is often the difference between it happening or the idea dying.  Garr Reynolds blog and books are a great guide toward presenting idea effectively to an audience of one of 10,000.

5.  Authentic Arts Marketing – Yes I wrote it, so I’m a little biased but I’m proud at how the little ebook has held up over the years.


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