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April Fool’s Day. Where no news source could be taken seriously, no matter what they said. I don’t mind some April Fool’s jokes – Passe Muraille’s early Season Announcement was great. And some filled people with hope for a split second, (like the new bike lane infrastructure) only to have it dashed.

Great piece from Mission Paradox – Every day is April Fools.

And an article in the G&M Marketing tomfoolery: 9 memorable April Fools’ pranks from the ad world.

Something struck me in this article about one of the pranks:  “The company’s vice-president of brand marketing told the Today Show that they “just wanted to have fun.” Customers who try to buy the product on the site are told that they are sold out and asked for their e-mail address; the company has hinted that more news on the promotion is to come, likely with some type of discount offer to those who gave their information.”

For some reason that bugs me. You’re trying to gain addresses, friends and followers by – tricking people?

I saw another post on Facebook with a supposed contest, and you could only participate if you followed then on Twitter and/or Facebook.

I don’t know why it’s bugging me, but it does. It might be that I try to consistently flip social media to real life situations – I don’t know what I’d do about someone who “wanted” to be my friend, later owned up to tricking me into it, and then  – still wanted to be friends? Didn’t expect I’d end the friendship? Didn’t expect I’d mention this to other people? Didn’t expect I’d never want to be friends again?

Anyway. it’s my bug and there’s not more to be said about it for at least a year, right? Right.

#civildebates last night at the Theatre Centre – good crowd, good arguments for and against last night’s resolution, and you can search it on Twitter with #civildebates since they live tweeted it.

And Legoland is opening tonight at Passe Muraille and I’m very much looking forward to seeing it.  Lots happening this week and it’s only Tuesday.


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