Product is Not More Important than Brand – a Flowchart

Tragedy in Boston the other day. Tragedies like this worldwide every day. I don’t know what to think anymore. So I didn’t post anything.

And in true foolish form, there’s always some company who, whether tongue in cheek or sales blinded, intentionally or unintentionally, makes a foolish error and tries to capitalize on said event. We had Kenneth Cole for the riots in Egypt, we had that store and the #Aurora dress and this week we have epicurious:


shortly after they took these tweets down because of course the twitterverse is speedy in its reaction. As an aside, epicurious,  your tweet didn’t “seem” insensitive – it was insensitive. That’s an “I’m sorry you feel that way” style apology.

Given that there are at least the two examples I’ve given above regarding poorly considered tweets, do we really have to lay down ground rules about how to NOT capitalize on tragedy to sell cargo pants, dresses and cereal? Do we really need this flow chart?


Apparently we do. It is so simple I made it in Word and it took ten minutes. Feel free to print and post in your office. Because if it’s really that important for you to sell cereal, if you cannot think past that end result, then you’ve forgotten it’s more important to have people actually like you enough to buy your cereal.

Shaking my head today. Tomorrow I’ll be back with a stack of arts PSAs.

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