Starting the Week off Right

redlipstickMy week started like this:

I remembered to take the trash out last night, and there was just enough cream for a cup of coffee, and a dryer full of clean clothes to choose from, and when I pulled out something to wear a folded up five fell out of the pocket that turned out to be two folded up fives.  I do believe victory is declared over Monday morning. It didn’t stand a chance.

Meetings today with Jane Marsland, and The Theatre Centre, and Ryerson, and then a workshop for Fringe participants that I’m giving with the ever- awesome Ashley Ballantyne and the equally awesome Dayle Furlong and it’s a good day already, interspersed with library trips and looking through the CONTACT catalog and since we’re already on to a good day, we might as well continue with things we like.  Oprah and others do things they cannot live without like eight hundred-dollar pashminas and thirty dollar chocolates, but Lisa and I are hardcore members of a club we call reality – where we could live without these things, but we really really like having them. Her five, then my five. Onward to our list, and the day.

My Bike – Just went to Bike Pirates to tune up ol’ bikey the other day. Learned how to clean and oil my bike chain, remove and replace the brake and gear cables. I am basically a mechanic now. I am also a FREE woman. No longer tied down by the tyranny of TTC schedules, I can feel the wind in my hair, the burn in my legs and the fear in my heart as I swerve in and out of Toronto traffic. Going my own way, on my own time, with my own energy. Nothing better.

My Record Player – When I put on a record I’m making a conscious choice to relax. It instantly creates a comfortable, dreamy atmosphere where I can forget the day to day and let go. Ideal additions: cup of tea & a great book… or friends and a bottle of red wine!

My Vaseline Lip Gloss – Used it since I was a kid, know it’s a petroleum by-product, but can’t give it up. It’s my one-thing-on-the-island item.

The Internet – All at once amazing and terrible, destructive and useful, disturbing and amusing… I take the good with the bad and try to find a happy balance of productivity and procrastination. I love the internet and don’t care who knows!

The Sun – A warm embrace, light in the would-be-darkness, life-giver, fun-time-bringer, all-around- good-time-guy, the sun is everyone’s best friend, every day.

My Phone – my lifeline, my calendar, my work, my contacts, my email, my social media, my photo album, my alarm clock – everything important in my life (and some things not) is somewhere to be found in some form in my phone at some point or another.

My Library Card – twenty books on hold at any given time, five books on the go, at least six dollars in fines. Access to reading material. Impossible to live without.

My Red Lipstick – makes you feel good on a bad day, makes you feel great on a good day – red lipstick means business, whether professional or personal, it’s a get things done colour. Putting it on instantly means something’s brewing.

Earl Grey Tea – I am a heck of a coffee drinker – drip, Americano, you name it. If I am having a cup of tea it means it’s time to slow down, relax and usually there’s a book or a chat involved.

Art – it’s a big one, and yes it’s my job, but it’s more than that – it’s what I do. I mean art everywhere, from public to logos to drawings to photos to buskers to galleries to theatres. It’s everywhere and I like it that way. I can’t imagine life without it.



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