What is Your Goal?

What is your goal for this piece of art you’re about to embark upon? Not your manifesto, your mission, your mandate. What is your goal?

Is it a full house? A full cash box? An artistic statement about you or the company? Confirming your place in the X-universe? Getting the damn thing up on opening night?

What is your goal? Is it one of these things, two of these things? Three or more? We all know it’s extraordinarily important to articulate your goals before setting out.

“to put a man on the moon.”
“to discover the New World.”
“to defeat the British.”

Equally important? When all is said and done, to decide if you reached them after the fact. Did you have the full house, the full cash box, make the artistic statement, confirm your place, “get the damn thing open?”

And was it enough?

Determine your goals ahead of time, decide if you reached them and most importantly own the results afterwards.

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