Sunday Roundup – May 12

Mother’s Day! It is whatever it means to you.

Last week – posters got designed and press releases went out and the Moose charged and ideas were hatched and will be nurtured. What else?

Goodbye Galas, Outside the Arts Box and The Critic Stumbles

What Is Your Goal?

It’s Our Anniversary!

Here’s a couple bonus articles for a Sunday read:

How theatres can make everyone fight for the arts
“But the approach – which sees itself as a movement, not a campaign – is a smart way forward in more ways than one. For a start, it changes the tone of a debate that often seems stuck in the confrontational positions and slanging matches between artists and politicians of the 80s as a result of arts cuts. It repositions the debate in a place where dialogue can remain open and ongoing between those working in the arts and those running the country. The coalition will not be in power for ever, so the conversation must be with every political party, and it has to be ongoing, not just taking place when threats to funding are imminent.”


Your manifesto, your culture
“It’s easy to write something like this (hey, even the TSA has one) but it’s incredibly difficult to live one, because it requires difficult choices and the willingness to own the outcome of your actions. If you’re going to permit loopholes, wiggle room and deniability, don’t even bother.”

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