A Play Reading and The Harold Awards!

harold_smallIn case you missed it, the Leafs came back last night from a 4-1 lead to be beaten in overtime by Boston 5-4. No cup for you, no cup for me, no cup for anyone. ANYWAY.

And in a very cool thing,  astronaut Chris Hadfield safely landed in Kazakhstan at 10:31pm EDT on the night of Monday, May 13, 2013.  AWESOME.

I spent the evening at a new play reading – a piece called Waiting Room by Diane Flacks. Love going to new play readings, the hope and anticipation and the feeling you get of hearing something for the first time – just the words. It’s a remarkable piece and I was quite literally laughing and crying. Go and see it when it gets produced, because it should and will be. Thanks for the invite Diane.

Harold Awards last night! Congrats to Richard Lee, Lindy Zucker, Sholem Dolgoy, Spirit Synott, Kenneth Wicks, Jim Roe, Maria Popoff, Tanisha Taitt, Patty Jarvis, Meredith Potter, Stephen Gallagher, Brad Lepp, Dave Mackay and Alexis Da Silva-Powell. What a fantastic group of folks. Sorry your night was up against Game Seven – my year was up against the federal election, so I feel your attention splitting pain.

Eleanor O’Connor received the 2nd annual Barbara Fingerote Volunteer Award, and the  Ken MacDougall Award to Mitchell Cushman.

Big congrats to you all and welcome!

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  1. Thank you lovely Sue! And being up against the federal election — ouch!


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