#FringeTO – July 5 – Day Three

Quick update to let you know that this year’s opening day had highest bar sales, fringe artist alley sales and advance ticket sales in the history of the Fringe!

I’ve got a few shows under my belt now – today’s word of Fringe audience advice – if you have a dozen friends coming the same night to support your show, that is awesome and amazing. Ask them to spread out in the audience so that their reactions to the show aren’t limited to one corner of the house. Very disconcerting if only that one section is laughing. Laughter is infectious – sit next to a stranger and give it to them.

Also tip the bar staff, thank the volunteers, love your technicians. It’s Fringe!

A reminder that It’s Always You has a 3 pm show today and our advance tickets have picked up the habit of selling quickly – best get one!

What’s Going On

July 5

What I’m seeing

blue moon


Also I want to get to Please Don’t Start a Theatre Company and I need to book


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