#TOFringe – July 10 – Day Eight

Still some crazy weather wandering around out there, power on and power off, shows up, shows down – but Fringe spirit is water-resistant!

What’s Going On


What I’m seeing



CaptureAm as always super-excited for the Fringe Awards Ceremony hope to see you there! Mostly because it’s always a good time but also, when you think about it  – the Fringe lost two nights of events and bar revenue due to extreme weather, so come out and show your support – easiest donation you’ve ever made – buy a beer!

Quick note to let you know to line up now for tickets for It’s Always You – all our advance tickets are sold, and no I can’t get you one, so it’s line up at the venue pre-show – you might want to get there early…

Also quite pleased with the launch of the new Canadian Rep Theatre site and season – go have a look! Fun to work with these folks and looking forward to the future. I’m also off to a meeting with Bound to Create and Obsidian Theatre – two favourites as we’re working together on the remount of Dirty Butterfly – we worked on this together for Fringe 2011, so it’s a nice day of past and present Fringe-ness.

See you out there!

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