Creating Tweets – an infographic from Neomobile

Continuing with things for clients and things Twitter, a thank you to neomobile group

Folks who are still wrapping their heads around twitter – believe me, some days I am too, often wonder what to tweet and more often, how to tweet it so it’s useful – as a friend was said to me, “If a tweet isn’t retweeted, does it exist?

Agree with the bulk of the tips and tricks below with EMPHASIS (yes, I am YELLING) about multiple hashtags (DON’T) and not using all 140 characters if you can avoid it. Ditto call to action, and I’ll add to that, can we think of another call to action besides “check this out”?

Back to the multiple hashtags thing (which drives me insane some days) – apparently more than two and your tweet may be considered spam. I’ll add to that: some may also consider you to be unfocused, unsure who you want to see this and so you’re going for that niche known as “anyone and everyone”, and unsure as to what you actually want to say (thank god you’ve selected “anyone and everyone” to see it).


I’d like to point out my own tweets are nowhere near perfect, and I’m going to try some of these things. It’s going to be my Understanding Poetry by J Evans Pritchard moment, minus the ripping.


perfect tweet

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