What Is THE GAME, client PSAs and Who’s Using What


Release just went out for an upcoming event – THE GAME.

Click the image to find out what it is, when it is and how much fun it’s going to be as an event!



A reminder that the fine folks over at Theatre Rusticle have a new Facebook page and are phasing out their group page in the run up to Dinner at 730 this fall – head on over and give them a like because that’s where we’re putting everything from now on.

Good article here on Which Social Media Site you should use for business

I have an agree/disagree with it – “Which social media sites should you be using? All of them, or at least you should sign up for all of them. It’s always a good idea to reserve your name, even if you do not intend to be very active on the site.”

Absolutely agree that you should reserve your name, it’s one of the first things I do when a newfangled social media option comes out. Disagree that you should be using “all of them” – unless you have someone whose job that is, and that’s all. The folks I work with have a ridiculous number of other things to do, including creating the art that their using social media to promote. My rule is – pick something. Pick something that works for your style of work, style of update and do it. Always loved Steamwhistle Brewing’s statement: “Do one thing really, really well.
Know your abilities, know the time you have, know your interest.  Find what suits you. Know what you can handle and maintain. If you do not enjoy writing, it makes no sense to say you’re going to have a blog and post every day. You won’t.  And folks trying to follow you will dismiss your blog when they get there and the last update was three months ago. Ditto a year old twitter account with 23 followers and a tweet from last winter.

You don’t have to do everything. You have to do something. And you need to do it well. And further to a previous post Who are Your People? you need to take it a step further and figure out WHERE are your people? (I might expand on that one in another post). Time for an infographic – thanks to Justin Beach for the article linked above and this masterpiece below.  It may seem to be rather general – but general is where you start. Then hone in.



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