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September 30, 2013

Sunday Roundup on a Monday – it’s hotting up around here

Missed yesterday’s round-up, so here you go.

Also realized that starting Monday, we have a show or event a week opening for the next month and Arts Day at the City and on the Hill coming up in November. Which is AWESOME on many levels, but consider this an apology for what might be less frequent blog postings. If you want to see what I’m working on, and the superduper shows and the people involved you can look here.

We’re halfway through our course at Ryerson on marketing for the arts and tomorrow is the last in a series of three workshops I’ve been doing with DTRC/AHA. It has been a great opportunity to work closely and consistently with some good artists doing good events. Thanks to DTRC and AHA for the opportunity.

I will write as often as I can. (that sounds very Civil War era, but you know what I mean)

Now then!

Man, Is it Monday


Siminovitch Prize, the GAME and Urban Planning for Women

September 27, 2013

Siminovitch Prize, the GAME and Urban Planning for Women

title_home_01bMany are under the impression that the Siminovitch Prize had to end in 2012. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated, new partnerships have been forged and it is ON for 2013 at the same prize levels. Click here to read more, and expect to hear more from me as I am doing the PR and promotions for it. Delighted.

NINE days. NINE days until the GAME takes over Theatre Passe Muraille, lots of interaction on the FB event page so we certainly expect to see you there! Website for more info on just who exactly is involved.

And finally for a Friday an interesting article about how Vienna focused its urban planning on the needs of women. “In 1999, city planners asked residents to fill out a survey about how they use public transportation, and found stark gender divides in how people spent their time—and therefore how they used the city.” Read more

Am off to the library to get this, then off to a meeting, then off to Buddies to shoot video of part of the set install for Dinner at Seven Thirty then to Tarragon to see The Best Brothers. Happy Friday!

September 26, 2013


Spent yesterday working on the road (well, the train) on my way to and from Ottawa to see a matinée of Michael Healey’s Proud. We opened it a year and four days ago at Berkeley Street and I wanted to see it, a sort of closing of the circle of all the work that went into it.

I was indeed Proud. Congratulations and thank you to GCTC, to Michael, to everyone involved. Here are some not great pictures. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My train reading BTW was The Art of Thinking Clearly, which is quite similar to You Are Not So Smart.  Both are easy reads in that the chapters are short (really short) and straightforward, but they are pretty good in terms of making you think. Take a look.

Reminder The GAME is coming up on October 7th at Theatre Passe Muraille – hope to see you there!

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September 23, 2013

Man, Is it Monday

I’ve been up since six working on schedules and who can be videoed when, what music will be used and the copy for this e-blast and the captions for those photos and a conference call at 830 and thinking about what I’m teaching tomorrow and the next day. And there’s still a stack of social media to strategize over and schedule. And think about. I do a lot of thinking.

I do love it. Somedays you feel like you’re in the midst of the running of the bulls whether you signed up or not. When I worked at Opera Atelier, after a day of too much Excel, I’d wander over to the rehearsal hall so I could watch a bit and remember exactly why I was doing this. Because I do love it, I love the organizing and the facilitating so art can happen. It is what I do. Wonderful.

Teaching again tomorrow night with DTRC – the Strategy! Looking forward to it.

Now that I work in various places, I watch the video below. It’s been making the rounds for quite a while.  It inspires me every time, on so many levels along the brilliance of the artists involved onstage, off stage, in the audience.

Bookmark it and watch it.


September 22, 2013

Sunday Roundup – September 22

edited because it’s the 22nd, not the 21st.

And here we are back in the swing of things. About last week..

This Week I’ve Been Writing for Others

Last Week I Wrote for Others

Definitely a working week

Today’s the unconference!

why social media? and allow yourself some white space

Yesterday and today are my white space days. Some work and a lot of reading getting done, but also relaxing and catching up with friends and magazine time. Reminder to get yourself that white space.

Tuesday night is part two in a three part series of social media workshops I’m presenting with DTRC/AHA – this week we’ll get into the strategy.
How do we use social media? How can we best engage our followers?  Get answers to these questions in this seminar aimed at companies and individuals who already have some social media presence.
We’ll help you understand how you can connect and combine your online presence to make sure you’re reaching the right people with the right content for them. We’ll go beyond the basics and expand your social media toolkit with hands on tips and tricks such as cross-posting, Hootsuite, scheduling posts and tweets, and more!

Thrilled to announce the addition of two new clients to my life, I’ll be doing social media strategy and execution for Kids’ Entertainment  – delighted as I’ve known the owner since my touring conference days and it’s great to work together again. And I’m super pleased to be the marketing/PR  for the 2013 Siminovitch Prize.

All for now – back to your white space!


September 20, 2013

why social media? and allow yourself some white space

Confirming it was indeed a busy and excellent week – teaching engagements, clients and the unconference yesterday.

These things have in common the fact that MANY people want to know more about social media, how to use twitter, what to say on Facebook. I mentioned the other day I spend a great deal of time talking about the why of using these things. Sometimes I think the why can be more important than the how.

Excellent article sent to me yesterday by a friend and colleague Avery Swartz.

“But I fear that the power of social media is being touted by many who are not aware that there are other forms of marketing that are just as essential. In fact social networking activities are not a panacea. They are tools for reaching large numbers of people, inexpensively, but they are not yet the tools that bind people to us enough to make them major donors, board members or volunteers. But we need other, more personal and engaging activities as well.” read more

It reinforces something I also tend to remind people  – there is no magic bullet. Social media is one more tool in your marketing kit – just because you make a Facebook event does not guarantee you anything, let alone a sold out house. Think about it.

“Well, we printed 5000 flyers!”

“Well, there are 1000s of posters all over town!”

“well we have a Facebook page!”

So? What are you doing with all these things? What is the why for you and your audience?

In other words it’s been a busy week and my brain is full. I need some white space. From

“Even though its name seems to suggest otherwise, whitespace doesn’t actually have to be white. It gets its name from the early days of graphic design where most printing was done on white paper. Whitespace is simply the empty space between and around the elements of a design or page layout. This can include: space around graphics and images, margins and gutters, space between columns, and even the space between lines of type. Whitespace is also referred to as “negative space”.”

What does white space do? Allows space, allows your eyes and brain to rest. Space to process and think.  Allow yourself some whitespace to absorb just everything you’ve dealt with that hour, day, week. If your brain is too full, you can’t do that. It’s why we get those best ideas in the shower, or after sleeping on it. Your brain is still hard at work, but you’re not force-feeding it. I’ll say again – read this book. It’s brilliant.

To use a final metaphor  – if you’ve ever done all the prep to cook a dish and them dropped all the ingredients in a too small pan, what do you do?
You put it in a bigger pan.
Ingredients need room to cook properly. So does information. So do ideas. Have a good weekend. Get yourself some whitespace.

September 19, 2013

Today’s The unconference!


Off to the AGO in a couple of hours for the Small Wooden Shoe unconference! Details later next week on how it was. I am super excited to see who’s there and what we’ll talk about.

In the meantime – from Seven Sentences – it’s extremely appropriate for our world, I think, and for me. This week I’ve just cleared a three-day migraine in time for the unconference which delights me. The migraine did not, as there were still clients to work with plus two nights of teaching and press releases to send out and proposals to write and ideas to dream up and execute despite the truly foul pain taking over my head. Anyway!

Why You Are Still Incredible Even When You Feel Like Poop

Incredible doesn’t always feel good.

Being incredible is often a dirty, filthy business; people don’t always understand your desire or need for excellence.

Mud will most likely be thrown at the brave soul who dares to step out of the trenches.

Boldness, bravery and courage seldom feel good at the time, we’re usually wracked with fear BUT we simply choose to do it anyway.

That’s what makes you incredible, not the “feelings” that you may or may not have, but the hard choices you make in-spite of your feelings.

Brave souls change things. Keep being incredible.

September 18, 2013

Definitely a working week

20120912-t5i4uya36i8p3bwy4ima9n8pkdThings are humming along here at Sue Edworthy Arts Planning!

I was teaching last night at DTRC/AHA – the basics of social media. A dozen great participants who weren’t afraid to ask questions and get answers. One told me that she had taken three other “intro to social media” workshops and gotten more out of this one than the other three. Which is a LOVELY thing to hear and confirms you might be doing something right.

I thought about it a bit more on my way home and came to a conclusion – I think it’s that even though we spend time on the nuts and bolts (this is a hashtag, this is how long a tweet can be, this is an event page) we spend an equal amount of time on the why. Why are we doing this? Why does it make sense to tweet closer to the show date and post on the website earlier? Why do we want to talk to certain people about our work, and how do we want to talk to them (and how do they want to be talked to?)

I’m a why person. I need to know why I’m doing something in order to wrap my head around doing it. And I apparently teach accordingly. At any rate, a great night, and there are two more classes coming up – you can take one or take both. Next week we’re moving into tools and strategy, and the following week we’re getting into your projects. That one’s a limited class size, and participants can bring in the social media/marketing plans for a project they’re working on and we’ll go through it, tweaking and tightening and “you know what you could do?”-ing.
Here’s the info to sign up.

Lisa is off shooting the start of promo videos for Theatre Rusticle, and yesterday was creating the new teaser image for The Game – the playwrights are being announced.  I’m working out the kinks in onetwothree press releases today and creating eblasts.  Summer is over and the  season is upon us!

September 17, 2013

Last Week I Wrote for Others

There were no blog posts last week because it was a week of writing press releases for clients, and writing articles for other blogs and publications, which always delights me.

Here’s one of them. Thanks for the space, Charpo!

Sunday Feature: Sue Edworthy on Collaborating With the Audience

What if we let them in the door…
Something I’ve been insistent about my companies doing lately is letting people in the door. And giving an audience member time to prep and learn about the show/actors/designers. Giving the opportunity and maybe a bit more well, before they hope to learn about a show by trying to read a program in 9 pt font with the house at half and a friend offering them gum. (I’m kidding; the gum offer comes halfway through the first act). Read more…

Loved writing this.

Proved it true on Sunday. I had two meetings with Modern Times – one to discuss the video trailer we want to make, the next to discuss online and print collateral. So me, Soheil the director, Marco the filmmaker, Sue the designer.
I took two photos with my phone. Candids – one of Soheil and Marco talking, one of Soheil and Sue talking and looking at images.
I posted them on the MT Facebook page with the captions “Double design meetings today – first video with Soheil and P Marco Veltri…” and “followed by design meeting #2 – poster, postcard and online images with Sue Balint!”.

Two candids, two sentences.

– 2 new page likes (without soliciting)
– post reach up 1.6%
– total post reach up 190% (not a typo)
– engagement up 107%

All we did was open a door to let people know something was happening.

September 11, 2013

This Week I’ve Been Writing for Others

and so this space has been kind of empty. Sorry about that – I’ll show you what I’ve been working on sometime next week.

In the meantime there are two books I’ve reads in two days and I highly recommend you pick up one or the other or preferably both. Click on the images for details.



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