Man, Is it Monday

I’ve been up since six working on schedules and who can be videoed when, what music will be used and the copy for this e-blast and the captions for those photos and a conference call at 830 and thinking about what I’m teaching tomorrow and the next day. And there’s still a stack of social media to strategize over and schedule. And think about. I do a lot of thinking.

I do love it. Somedays you feel like you’re in the midst of the running of the bulls whether you signed up or not. When I worked at Opera Atelier, after a day of too much Excel, I’d wander over to the rehearsal hall so I could watch a bit and remember exactly why I was doing this. Because I do love it, I love the organizing and the facilitating so art can happen. It is what I do. Wonderful.

Teaching again tomorrow night with DTRC – the Strategy! Looking forward to it.

Now that I work in various places, I watch the video below. It’s been making the rounds for quite a while.  It inspires me every time, on so many levels along the brilliance of the artists involved onstage, off stage, in the audience.

Bookmark it and watch it.


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