Fraser Studios and Ai Wei Wei

CaptureFirst day of rehearsals for Bound to Create‘s dirty butterfly today – they’re working out of Fraser Studios which is now at Adelaide and Stafford. It’s clean, bright, spacious and full of activity and you should probably check it out. Now on my “need a space” list.

The Rusticle crew has moved into the theatre at Buddies – Dinner at Seven Thirty previews on Saturday. So looking forward to this piece.

I’m off to the AGO today to supervise a field trip with my friend’s Grade something visual arts class – Ai Wei Wei and David Bowie. Looking forward to it on many levels – more on that tomorrow.

Siminovitch Prize finalists were announced Monday, and  the GAME was Monday night (Artistic Directors took the Cup!).

What a full bustling good week for a Wednesday – now off to see some art!




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