Sunday Roundup – October 27

Shout out to the two guys on Queen West last night in full on lighting up Ghostbusters costumes.

Day of Art yesterday with an afternoon of Ai Wei Wei at the AGO (closes today, Bowie still on til November 27) and Opera Atelier’s opening of Abduction of the Seraglio. GO see. It is SO beautiful.

Quick Refresher on Permission-Based Marketing since I wrote this, I’m up to my fourth reminder about your fundraiser that you don’t have permission to send to me. Even if you did have permission –  four is too many.

2013 Siminovitch Prize  – a great night.

Theatre Lab continues to remind you that You Can Sleep When You’re Dead, so go get some tickets as they are closing Halloween.

Bound to Create reminds you they go into previews with their re-envisioning of debbie tucker green’s dirty butterfly – get tickets for that too.

Emails. Oh the emails.

Wrecking Ball 15 on the 29th.

And I love this ad.

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