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October 13, 2013

Thanksgiving Sunday Roundup – October 13

Long weekend!

About last week…

A quick note to say I was watching a dress rehearsal yesterday for Dinner at Seven Thirty and it is oh, such a beautiful show.  Short run, only til the 20th so I recommend you get your tickets now.


On Remaining Silent

Fraser Studios and Ai Wei Wei

Thanksgiving,Upcoming Shows, Twitter Neuroanatomy

If you have a long weekend, enjoy it. If you do not, enjoy what there is of it.

October 11, 2013

Thanksgiving,Upcoming Shows, Twitter Neuroanatomy

brainThe long weekend is upon us and whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, you should remember it’s a long weekend and give yourself some breathing room and white space and something nice to eat and have a nap.

Production stills in from Dahlia for Theatre Rusticle – we preview tomorrow. These photos are magnificent, Dahlia and Allyson and team have worked some wonderful magic. More info here on how to see the show – it’s a short run, and you really shouldn’t miss it.

The Ai Wei Wei and David Bowie exhibits at the AGO are overwhelming. You should go.

Finally today an article that absolutely tickled me – The Neuroanatomy of a Retweet. This is the type of thing I love reading about and applying, one of the main things I love about marketing is figuring out just how and why people do what they do. Here’s the tweet that inspired the article.

The first “scientist” was a woman. The word was invented to describe her.


October 9, 2013

Fraser Studios and Ai Wei Wei

CaptureFirst day of rehearsals for Bound to Create‘s dirty butterfly today – they’re working out of Fraser Studios which is now at Adelaide and Stafford. It’s clean, bright, spacious and full of activity and you should probably check it out. Now on my “need a space” list.

The Rusticle crew has moved into the theatre at Buddies – Dinner at Seven Thirty previews on Saturday. So looking forward to this piece.

I’m off to the AGO today to supervise a field trip with my friend’s Grade something visual arts class – Ai Wei Wei and David Bowie. Looking forward to it on many levels – more on that tomorrow.

Siminovitch Prize finalists were announced Monday, and  the GAME was Monday night (Artistic Directors took the Cup!).

What a full bustling good week for a Wednesday – now off to see some art!




October 7, 2013

On Remaining Silent

be-quiet-and-don-t-disturb-2two posts from two different people brought to you via me. Same topic. Like them both.

Seth Godin – When To Speak Up

Seven Sentences – The Problem With Remaining Silent

Reminder that tonight is THE GAME at Passe Muraille – hope to see you there!

October 6, 2013

Sunday Roundup – October 6

Rainy day and I’m off to write a press release then to the Bluma to see Venus In Fur, and excited about the contents of both.

Sunday Roundup on a Monday – it’s hotting up around here

Stealth Art + Logic + Emotion

Read this the other day and thought it was fabulous. More and more we seem to go through life distracted by something else (will people please quit texting and walking?)

What the world’s best pickpocket can teach us about attention
Apollo Robbins is known as “The Gentleman Thief” because after he picks your pocket he returns your goods. What can we learn?

Reminder the tomorrow night, that’s Monday the 7th the GAME is on at Theatre Passe Muraille – see you there!


October 2, 2013

Stealth Art + Logic +Emotion

1238839_196103447238148_715729402_nLast class last night for DTRC and AHA. It’s been a good three weeks, with many of the same people having taken all three classes and others popping in and out to add new flavour and insights to the evening. Thanks to Dancer Transition Resource Centre and Artists’ Health Alliance for having me. And thanks to the participants for making them good classes.

Last night was focused on what the participants were doing – we used a couple of them as real live case studies to build strategy and organize tactics into a social media plan for them. One my clients is a member of Stealth Arts Collective. Very cool little org focusing on part guerilla tactics, all art. You can find them on Facebook – go check them out, because I think more people should know about them.

After teaching at DTRC this month, and also at Ryerson I’ve been thinking a lot about social media, in terms of what comes next. We tend to focus on tools and tactics because that’s the thing in front of us that needs doing now. What’s next?

One of my favourite things about the internet is that if you are thinking about something, odds are very good someone else is thinking about it, and entirely possible you know them through the internet. Excellent piece here from David Armano from Logic+EmotionWhat Comes After Social? Take a read.

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