SnapChat and a World of Disappearing Media

Snapchat_logoExcellent two part series on Snapchat from and its implications for marketing in the future

Why Snapchat Should Never Have Ads Conversations have typically been private. History should prove Facebook and Twitter to be exceptions to the rule. Marketers haven’t been able to insert ads in the middle of phone calls or water cooler conversations, and Snapchat users are taking an even more aggressive stance in favor of privacy and anonymity read more
(LOVE this metaphor – On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog, but on Snapchat, you’ll share with a few of your close friends that you’re a dog.)

Followup article

Marketers, Welcome to the World of Disappearing Media

The way most people think about social media is that anything worth sharing is worth saving. Facebook added a corollary: Anything worth sharing is worth sharing publicly. Twitter added its own corollary: Anything shared publicly is worthy of saving for posterity…Snapchat posits that anything worth sharing is worth consuming only immediately after it’s shared, and only by the select people who are most likely to appreciate it. read more

I find this fascinating. Good article. And now I’m thinking that advertising via Snapchat adds one more layer to the marketing plan – scarcity. We all say that your marketing needs to show up anywhere from three to seven times to stick in people’s memory regarding your product/so they’ll buy a ticket etc. Snapchat is the opposite of three to seven times.

So what’s the Snapchat campaign? I have some ideas. I’ll do some research. I’ll let you know if they pan out.


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