World Stage 2014 – Artistic Director’s Statement #artlive

this fills me with anticipation and excitement for 2014. Read on.

We’re going to try this a little differently. We need to.

We’re going to start by trying to have the courage to face the conditions we’re in. And the conditions we’re in are very uncertain.

The fact is that we just don’t know about a lot of things. We don’t know how to preserve the environment. We don’t know how to treat each other with justice and fairness. We don’t know how to relax. We don’t know how to live within our means. We don’t know how to take care of our elders and we don’t know how to raise our children.

We don’t know how to believe in our politicians and we don’t know how to change the system. We don’t know how to love and we don’t know how to die. We don’t know how to remember and we don’t know how to forget.

And we don’t know how we are – although we have a few ideas.

When I write “we” I could be writing about our city or our country or the world (and I think that these words would probably be true) but the “we” I’m writing about is actually more modest. The “we” I’m writing about are people who make the shows in this series and the people at World Stage who help put them on and fight to keep them accessible. “We” are the ones who don’t know. But we have a feeling that, in this regard, we’re a lot like you. And that possibility is what justifies all the risks we take with this programme.

Because we are taking risks. The work in World Stage 2014 is messy, beautiful and provoking. It’s a challenge. It’s not easy – but neither is understanding the world and how we can live in it.

The best, gentlest understanding of the world is arrived at not from isolated facts but from the appraisal of relationships and equivalencies – between questions and certainties, culture and politics, artists and audiences.

I think World Stage is the place where this can happen.

Like the equals sign, World Stage is neither the answer nor is it the question. It’s the structure that makes it possible to see the relationship between the two.

If this connects with you, if you’re up for the enlivening challenge, I urge you: let us know, share, talk to us in person and on #artlive. Most of all, be a part of World Stage 2014.

Join us. Let’s figure out who we are.

Tina Rasmussen


Artistic Director, World Stage

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