Day Two From the Archives for the Holidays

So rather than completely run away for the holidays, I took some time to find some of the best Sunday roundups over the past two years and will feature one a day for the twelve days of Christmas. We all need something to read while hiding down the hall, shamed for losing the fillings map to the Pot of Gold.

Sunday Roundup – February 5th

Groundhog Day has come and gone and it’s an early spring (though 6 more weeks of this type of winter would not have been a hardship).

This week was more about pages than posts so in order:

Linky Wednesday – I bookmark things constantly to write about, think about or post about and sometimes it gets cluttered. I cannot stand not being able to se all my bookmarks so I started cleaning house with this post.

Panels + Workshops – two requests in as many days so I figured it would be best to have the panels and workshops I’m giving or participating in all in one spot.

Linky Friday – my bookmarks page is now sparkling, let me tell you.

12 Hour Arts Marathon –  I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, and now that it’s on the Internet – I guess it’s true.

Bonus Post from another Blog – How Being a Theatre Major Prepared Me For Success. Love it. Have a read. I have to go make a Powerpoint presentation.

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