Day Six From the Archives for the Holidays

So rather than completely run away for the holidays, I took some time to find some of the best Sunday roundups over the past two years and will feature one a day for the twelve days of Christmas. We all need something to read while hiding down the hall, shamed for losing the fillings map to the Pot of Gold.

Sunday Roundup – June 2

June! The flowers are purchased and planted, the reading and thinking and writing chair and ottoman are set up on the balcony and it can stop raining offandon any time because I have things to do and I want to do them outside. Avec le soleil.

Last week!

There’s Always Something  never enough time, never enough money. Get used to it and look differently and harder at things. Very popular post this week.

Why Are We Meeting Again? easily the most popular post this week – clearly everyone shares the same sort of issues with meetings. My question is – if so many feel this way, why isn’t it changing?

Why This Video is Awesome – TPM’s Big Red Doors  Love this video. Watch it, and read why.

What Does Your Brand Stand For? and Marketing to Robots

Wednesday is the Art of Marketing Conference! Super excited!

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