Sunday Roundup October 26

Before I forget – go VOTE on Monday. Just – GO.

I feel like this is more of a recap than a roundup. Our last post was months ago  and a lot has gone on (or not) since then.

You may recall I thought I had some nasty carpal tunnel going on, yada yada yada, I’ve graduated to using a cane to get around with  and it was a summer of Missing Out. Not a case of FOMO,  but a knowledge I was missing things that genuinely matter to me. There was a space and an ache and a sadness.  And the myriad heroes and helpers and friends and acquaintances who were pivotal in getting me through can never be thanked enough, And still…

Last night was my first go-and-get-some-ART outing since April,  at the opening of Opera Atelier’s Alcina. Go and see it. They’ve raised the bar again – not just for their company but for others. It’s an utterly beautiful production both visually and vocally, and makes exquisite use of silence that I didn’t know could happen in opera.  If you have no idea how video can be incorporated into a Baroque masterpiece, you will find out.

What did I miss this summer? Myriad events. What did I really miss?

Art.  It is one thing to listen to music, to watch trailers and read synopses, and hear about it and talk about it. But to experience it? I sorely missed that, and last night confirmed to me the power  of being in a darkened room being overwhelmed by the truth and beauty on a stage, to know just how much WORK it takes to create something like that on so many levels from creative concept to creative team to tech to the tiniest details.

I am not yet completely recovered from what I refer to as the summer of excruciating tedium, I do not know how often I’ll be able to blog, I do not know how much longer I’ll be “recovering” as opposed to “healed”, I do not know a lot of things right now.  I do know I’m back on my game, that I’ve got some amazing clients filing up the rest of 2014, and I do know one thing. I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed the in person experience of art and after last night, I remember that it is what inspires me, what makes me think and feel and breathe. It’s what makes me TICK. And it makes not just my game, but me, stronger.

Thank you Opera Atelier for being my first foray back out into the world I love. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome.

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