Busy Week Last Week and This

Carthorse Theatre opened Fishskin Trousers – see review from the Globe. Then go see it – it is a good piece of work. When we started working together, Matt and Megan told me they tell stories. Yes they do – and they do it oh, so well. Completely absorbing.

We’re getting ready for I Lost it in Kiev to open on the 25th, and the 25th is already sold out – not comped, sold out for money. Deb is a consummate storyteller – five days only for this one, so book now.

And Theatre Rusticle opens the 27th with Dinner at Seven-Thirty and I cannot wait to see what they do with it. What happens when a woman meets her husband’s mistress on Christmas Eve? We’ll find out

Had a fantastic webinar experience with Orchestras Canada on Wednesday – pleasure to work with them all

Friday was the Fringe Festival lottery for 2015, and I was live tweeting again. I’ve mentioned it’s like the running of the bulls with your fingertips, and I can’t wait to see the results of the results. Official winners list posted on the Fringe site Monday.

Reminder that Next Stage is up in January and I am delighted to be working with Caroline Azar and an amazing team on DINK for this one.

And I spent a lot of time doing course creation and prep for 2015 as I am teaching at three institutions – Ryerson Theatre Scchool, Humber College and the Chang School – all marketing/social media. They’re all nicely spread out so I have more than enough time for projects like yours – I’m looking at clients who want to start working together after February 1, so

Let’s chat!

On that note  – Charlebois Post has re-issued an article I wrote for them – thank you Gaetan and Estelle –  click the image below!



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