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October 28, 2013

A New Canada Council Program

From the Canada Council:

Arts organizations play a key role in bringing the arts to Canadians. They are contributing to the vitality of our communities and artistic practices – all while managing rapid changes due to demographics, technology and the economic downturn.

That’s why the Canada Council is taking a more strategic approach to organizational development – one that helps arts organizations to build resilience and the capacity to face change and adapt creatively. This approach includes a new grant program, Leadership for Change: Grants for Organizational Development, and a number of related initiatives. Leadership for Change has been developed from the review of Flying Squad program. read more

October 22, 2013

2013 Siminovitch Prize

photo by Dahlia Katz

photo by Dahlia Katz

Toronto Director Chris Abraham named recipient of 2013 Siminovitch Prize, chooses Mitchell Cushman as Protégé
Monday October 21, 2013, Toronto
Before a packed Hart House Theatre at the University of Toronto, Chris Abraham, Artistic Director of Crow’s Theatre was named recipient of the 2013 Siminovitch Prize. For his protégé he has selected Mitchell Cushman, Artistic Director of Outside the March and Associate Artistic Director of Crow’s Theatre.
Click recipient of 2013 
for full release.

It was a great night.

October 18, 2013

Wrecking Ball #15 Presents… For Russia With (Gay) Love

wb15Because Theatre Rusticle’s Dinner at Seven Thirty is happening at Buddies in Bad Times (only til the 20th!), I’ve been working a fair bit with the fine folks who populate that venue. Buddies has always been a favourite and now even more so.  On their behalf I offer you:

Wrecking Ball #15 Presents…For Russia With (Gay) Love

Presented in association with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Inspired by Zee Zee Theatre’s “NYET: A Cabaret of Concerned Canadians” taking place in Vancouver on the same night!

 Canada’s hottest Queer and Allied artists perform a Perestroika of “non traditional (artistic) relations” for one night only in protest of Russia’s new anti-gay legislation.

In May 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin ushered in new anti-gay legislation that has received public outcry worldwide.  The Wrecking Ball stands in solidarity, presenting new work by esteemed queer and allied playwrights from across the country including:

Ronnie Burkett, Dave Deveau, Catherine Hernandez, Shawn Macdonald, Daniel MacIvor, Sonja Mills, George F. Walker and Marcus Youssef.

Directed by:  Steven Bush, Esther Jun, Erica Kopyto, Moynan King,
Sue Miner
and Gein Wong

And Performed by some of Toronto’s hottest actors!

Special sneak-peak performance by The Gay Heritage Project (Damian Atkins, Paul Dunn and Andrew Kushnir)

Join The Wrecking Ball and Ally, Zee Zee Theatre, in a ONE NIGHT ONLY nation-wide protest to ring through to the bells of St. Petersburg!

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre 
| 12 Alexander Street, Toronto.
Box Office opens at 12:30pm
Show starts at 8:00pm.
Pay what you can. No advanced sales.
Proceeds from this event will go to the Actors’ Fund of Canada

About The Wrecking Ball

In Wrecking Ball #15, a selection of Toronto’s most relevant and daring playwrights will have one week to create a play, and directors and performers will have one week to rehearse works connected to the Issue of Russia’s new (and escalating) anti-gay policies and the questions and issues it has raised.

Founded by director Ross Manson and playwright Jason Sherman in 2003, The Wrecking Ball has been the premiere event in Canada for showcasing political works for a decade. As the birthplace of new plays by Hannah Moscovitch, Michael Healey, Roland Schimmelpfennig, Erin Shields, Judith Thompson, Colleen Wagner, David Yee, Bea Pizano, Tara Beagan, and Sky Gilbert to name a few – there is no other event like it challenging theatre artists to respond to and address the vox populi.

On the occasion of the previous two Federal elections The Wrecking Ball went National; with ‘Wrecking Balls’ hosted by theatre artists in most major cities across the country.

In both 2008 and 2011 these pan-Canadian dramatic responses to our politics garnered widespread national media attention. The Wrecking Ball is no longer a Toronto phenomenon, but an autonomous theatrical movement joined by a desire to explore current political questions, issues, desires and dreams upon the stage.

October 17, 2013

The Rise of Online Video

off to city hall this morning to shoot promo video for TAPA’s Arts Day at the City (it’s November 8th. There will be more info).

Lisa and I have shot nearly twenty videos since August for clients. It’s another of the doorways I talk about in my article in Charlebois Post on collaborating with audiences.

This seemed appropriate today – it’s US stats, but you know what I mean. Enjoy.

October 11, 2013

Thanksgiving,Upcoming Shows, Twitter Neuroanatomy

brainThe long weekend is upon us and whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, you should remember it’s a long weekend and give yourself some breathing room and white space and something nice to eat and have a nap.

Production stills in from Dahlia for Theatre Rusticle – we preview tomorrow. These photos are magnificent, Dahlia and Allyson and team have worked some wonderful magic. More info here on how to see the show – it’s a short run, and you really shouldn’t miss it.

The Ai Wei Wei and David Bowie exhibits at the AGO are overwhelming. You should go.

Finally today an article that absolutely tickled me – The Neuroanatomy of a Retweet. This is the type of thing I love reading about and applying, one of the main things I love about marketing is figuring out just how and why people do what they do. Here’s the tweet that inspired the article.

The first “scientist” was a woman. The word was invented to describe her.


September 30, 2013

Sunday Roundup on a Monday – it’s hotting up around here

Missed yesterday’s round-up, so here you go.

Also realized that starting Monday, we have a show or event a week opening for the next month and Arts Day at the City and on the Hill coming up in November. Which is AWESOME on many levels, but consider this an apology for what might be less frequent blog postings. If you want to see what I’m working on, and the superduper shows and the people involved you can look here.

We’re halfway through our course at Ryerson on marketing for the arts and tomorrow is the last in a series of three workshops I’ve been doing with DTRC/AHA. It has been a great opportunity to work closely and consistently with some good artists doing good events. Thanks to DTRC and AHA for the opportunity.

I will write as often as I can. (that sounds very Civil War era, but you know what I mean)

Now then!

Man, Is it Monday


Siminovitch Prize, the GAME and Urban Planning for Women

September 27, 2013

Siminovitch Prize, the GAME and Urban Planning for Women

title_home_01bMany are under the impression that the Siminovitch Prize had to end in 2012. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated, new partnerships have been forged and it is ON for 2013 at the same prize levels. Click here to read more, and expect to hear more from me as I am doing the PR and promotions for it. Delighted.

NINE days. NINE days until the GAME takes over Theatre Passe Muraille, lots of interaction on the FB event page so we certainly expect to see you there! Website for more info on just who exactly is involved.

And finally for a Friday an interesting article about how Vienna focused its urban planning on the needs of women. “In 1999, city planners asked residents to fill out a survey about how they use public transportation, and found stark gender divides in how people spent their time—and therefore how they used the city.” Read more

Am off to the library to get this, then off to a meeting, then off to Buddies to shoot video of part of the set install for Dinner at Seven Thirty then to Tarragon to see The Best Brothers. Happy Friday!

September 26, 2013


Spent yesterday working on the road (well, the train) on my way to and from Ottawa to see a matinée of Michael Healey’s Proud. We opened it a year and four days ago at Berkeley Street and I wanted to see it, a sort of closing of the circle of all the work that went into it.

I was indeed Proud. Congratulations and thank you to GCTC, to Michael, to everyone involved. Here are some not great pictures. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My train reading BTW was The Art of Thinking Clearly, which is quite similar to You Are Not So Smart.  Both are easy reads in that the chapters are short (really short) and straightforward, but they are pretty good in terms of making you think. Take a look.

Reminder The GAME is coming up on October 7th at Theatre Passe Muraille – hope to see you there!

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September 17, 2013

Last Week I Wrote for Others

There were no blog posts last week because it was a week of writing press releases for clients, and writing articles for other blogs and publications, which always delights me.

Here’s one of them. Thanks for the space, Charpo!

Sunday Feature: Sue Edworthy on Collaborating With the Audience

What if we let them in the door…
Something I’ve been insistent about my companies doing lately is letting people in the door. And giving an audience member time to prep and learn about the show/actors/designers. Giving the opportunity and maybe a bit more well, before they hope to learn about a show by trying to read a program in 9 pt font with the house at half and a friend offering them gum. (I’m kidding; the gum offer comes halfway through the first act). Read more…

Loved writing this.

Proved it true on Sunday. I had two meetings with Modern Times – one to discuss the video trailer we want to make, the next to discuss online and print collateral. So me, Soheil the director, Marco the filmmaker, Sue the designer.
I took two photos with my phone. Candids – one of Soheil and Marco talking, one of Soheil and Sue talking and looking at images.
I posted them on the MT Facebook page with the captions “Double design meetings today – first video with Soheil and P Marco Veltri…” and “followed by design meeting #2 – poster, postcard and online images with Sue Balint!”.

Two candids, two sentences.

– 2 new page likes (without soliciting)
– post reach up 1.6%
– total post reach up 190% (not a typo)
– engagement up 107%

All we did was open a door to let people know something was happening.

September 11, 2013

This Week I’ve Been Writing for Others

and so this space has been kind of empty. Sorry about that – I’ll show you what I’ve been working on sometime next week.

In the meantime there are two books I’ve reads in two days and I highly recommend you pick up one or the other or preferably both. Click on the images for details.



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