What We Do/Who We Are

This is Sue.

Sue Edworthy has worked in the non-profit performing arts for nearly twenty years and is a self-described city enthusiast. Her passion for the arts has led her to stints as a director, event coordinator and arts administrator in arts organizations in and around Toronto, and she is now respected and sought after as a marketing and communications specialist.

Sue is a former Board Member for TAPA and current Treasurer for the Canadian Dance Assembly.  She was the Social Media Chair/Steering Committee member for Artsvote 2010,  co-chair in 2014, and  had a seven year position n the Board of Director as  Treasurer and then Vice-President for the Toronto Fringe Festival. She is a 2010 Harold Award recipient and recipient of the CharPR Prize for best publicity, single show for 2012 and 2013 and a recipient of the Leonard McHardy and John Harvey Award in 2015. She runs Sue Edworthy Arts Planning, a freelance marketing, PR, producing and strategic planning company for the Toronto independent arts community. Sue teaches part time at Ryerson School of Performance, Humber College and the Chang School. She is a member of and Marketing Chair for  Arts Consultants Canada, and holds a BFA Specialized Honors from York University.


This is Mirette.

Mirette Shoeir is a performing arts enthusiast who put together her Masters of Theatre and Performance Studies from York University, and her Bachelor of Business Administration to become an arts administrator. During her masters she interned at Obsidian Theatre and upon graduation took on the role of  TD Emerging Producer at the Toronto Fringe Festival. Following that she joined Volcano and Peggy Baker Dance Projects as the Manager of Communications and Development. When not wearing her marketer hat, Mirette has the good fortune to be able to experience performances in Toronto in her capacity as a reviewer for Mooney on Theatre.

What does this have to do with your project?

Everything. By looking at and working on various types and sizes of performing arts projects, we are able to avoid the cookie-cutter approach. We understand and value the unique flavour you bring to your art, and that your art brings to your audience. We know that every project is different, and every performer needs different assistance. We work with you to recognize any number of factors that will affect your production, including Where, When, Why, and How. We’ll work together to target your audience and find out the best way to let them know your project is happening.  Since we’ve worked in many positions in the arts, we know you probably don’t have a lot of time, or money – and we don’t believe in wasting either one.


What sort of services do we provide?

A variety including:

Organizational and strategic planning~ marketing project management ~marketing and communications planning for projects, productions and seasons~ social media planning, execution and maintenance~ marketing, branding and social media policy creation~ brand examination, review and refresh.

Sue also offers workshops in social media engagement.

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What About Those Other Four?

Lisa is now the General Manager at Bad Dog Theatre, and Adam has recently finished his position of General Manager at Video Cabaret. Lauren is currently in administration at the Law Society, and Maggie is finishing her degree at Ryerson University.
Nice work, darlings.