Other Stuff Sue Does

In case you were wondering what else I do when I am not marketing + communicating + planning for your art…

I recently completed a seven year tenure on the Board of Directors for the Toronto Fringe Festival which includes the Next Stage Theatre Festival;

I am on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Dance Assembly, specifically Chair of the Freelancers & Consultants Standing Council

I am Co-Chair for Artsvote Toronto;

I was on the Advisory Board for Social Media Week 2012;

I’ve done Dora Jury for Dance and Opera, and most recently Indie Theatre;

I take great pride in my Harold Award and my membership in Arts Consultants Canada

I take just as much pride in my 2012 and 2013 CharPR Prizes for best publicity, single productions for Proud and dirty butterfly (Bound to Create)

I’ve written for The Age of Conversation 2, the Emerging Arts Professional Network , the TAPA Indie Theatre Producers’ Guide and done guest posts on a few other blogs;

and I give a lot  workshops on  marketing and social media.

I see a lot of plays, I see a lot of movies, I read a ton of books, I am what I call a “city enthusiast” and I talk to anyone who will listen about the amazing art and artists in our city and the impact all of this has in making Toronto an amazing place to live.

That is some of what else I do.

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