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November 18, 2013

Thank You – Arts Day At The City #artsdayTO

November 8, 2013 was the 4th Arts Day at the City: an annual initiative led by TAPA that brings together members of the arts community at City Hall to champion our issues with Councillors. A tremendous amount of hard work, enthusiasm, and passion was put into this project by the organizers, and by people like you who care about the strength of our arts community. Thank you.

With all that’s going on at City Hall right now, it’s important that we share the good news happening in Toronto civic life. Your efforts have paid off!

This year, a record 29 Councillors took meetings with us, either on Arts Day or in the days preceding / following it.

·         Councillors committed to keeping up with the business the City has with its citizens

·         There was a lot to celebrate – like Council’s unanimous commitment to get our municipal arts funding up to $25 per capita by 2017

·         There was a lot to report – including incredible growth in arts activities in wards all over the city (you can read the full Arts Day message here)

·         Social media had real impact in spreading awareness of our cause, with 279 supporters contributing 629 tweets which had an estimated reach of over 400,000 Twitter accounts

·         And we had a clear message for Council: Commit to the second phase of funding promised for the 2014 budget

The response: it’s happening. An increase in funding is scheduled to be part of the 2014 budget (even budget chief Frank Di Giorgio said so!).

This is a huge victory for Toronto’s arts community. It’s an encouraging development in our relationship with municipal government. And it’s a sign of how strong Toronto’s arts community is. This kind of progress happens because:

·         Of your participation and civic engagement

·         Of critics within our community who have challenged how we advocate for our interests time and again, demanding we step up our collective game

·         Organizations like TAPA, TAC/F, Arts Etobicoke, Beautiful City, BfTA, East End Arts, Lakeshore Arts, North York Arts, Scarborough Arts, and Urban Arts rally for events like Arts Day

·         Our colleagues at the provincial and national levels are working hard to do the same.

·         Of grassroots activity like Theatre Passe Muraille’s ingenious EA Nights (EA’s of city councillors), which brings dozens of City staffers out to the theatre

·         People like you write to your government representatives and tell them what’s important to voters!

It’s easy to feel frustrated over the state of politics in Toronto, but remember: progress is possible regardless of how big the distractions are – we can see it happening right now. It’s worth celebrating. And it’s worth asking: what can we do next?

So please keep it up! Remember, This is Just the Beginning! 2014 is an election year, and ArtsVote will definitely be a part of it. We hope you will stay involved, and that you will help us continue to champion the things that make Toronto a great place to live, work, play and visit.

November 8, 2013

It’s Arts Day at The City #artsdayTO

ETA: the text below is from the eblast sent out earlier this week by TAPA.

Earlier this year, City Hall committed to a $25 per capita funding level for Toronto artists by 2017 – we need YOUR HELP to guarantee they follow through on that promise!

This is just the beginning – together we will create a vibrant arts city! On Friday, November 8, (that’s TODAY!)  TAPA and the Friends of the Arts Network will converge on City Hall for the 4th Annual Arts Day at the City. Show Toronto Councillors just how important their support is to our community by getting involved today:

TWEET We are asking all TAPA members to take a photo of someone at your organization or in your community, holding a sign with the “This is just the Beginning” tagline (attached). This could be an audience group shot too if you like! Tweet your ‘sign photo’ and your support with #JustTheBeginning

TWEET with the hashtag #artsdayTO

POST about #artsdayTO on Facebook

EMAIL your patrons and ask them to show their support for the Toronto artists they love

SHARE our #artsdayTO video trailer

and most importantly:

CONTACT YOUR COUNCILLOR to tell them you’re an artist, and you VOTE! 2014 is an election year! (if you don’t know who that is, click here)

Remember: funding isn’t guaranteed until it’s in the budget! It’s your future: make sure City Hall knows how important municipal arts funding really is to artists and audiences across Toronto

Arts Day at the City is an annual TAPA initiative that brings Toronto’s arts community to City Hall to strengthen its relationship with the municipal government. Throughout the day, sector champions meet with councillors to discuss pressing issues for the community, and share the successes of arts and culture initiatives across the city. This November, TAPA and the Friends of the Arts look forward to celebrating the results of the first phase of a three-part budget increase for Toronto arts grants, and reaffirm Council’s commitment to the second and third phases of funding in the upcoming municipal budgets.

November 7, 2013

NSTF! #artsdayTO and something beautiful

CaptureThe brochure for the Next Stage Theatre Festival has dropped – it and the shows in it look great. Click here for the 2014 lineup. Along those same lines, the 2014 Fringe Lottery Party is coming up with 694 applications going into the hat.
Fringe Lottery Party Monday November 25, 2013
7pm (doors at 6pm)
The Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave
Hosted by Jan Caruana
No admission fee, cash bar, free cake
New Play Contest winners will also be announced

Reminder that November 8 is the fourth annual Arts Day at the City – November 5, 2013.

The Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts (TAPA) along with
Friends of the Arts will meet with over twenty-five individual City Councillors on Friday November 8  to discuss the importance of and impact of the arts on Torontonians.  Arts supporters, donors, artists and arts administrators will spend the day in meetings with a record number of councillors representing a range of wards from across the city. Discussions will focus on  the Creative Capital Gains Report issued in May 2011 which City Council unanimously supported. A key message is to thank Council for unanimously voting for the City’s per capita spending on arts and culture to be increased from $18 to $25, and to remind them that this is just the beginning.

Click here for the trailer, share with your friends, tweet your support with #artsdayTO.

And this delighted me on multiple levels. Enjoy.
Human Movement Converted Into Digital Sculptures.



November 5, 2013

PSA: Arts Day At The City #artsdayTO

October 21, 2012

Sunday Round-up October 21

The week after Proud closed was a heck of a week of meetings with folks and included a presentation and a workshop both in one day. And this week I’ll be participating in Arts Day on Parliament Hill and putting together the info for a workshop on the 7th for Arts Consultants Canada.



The Theatres They Are a`Changin

Burger Broads, Antigone and Stratford makes me Smile

Arts Advocacy and Girls without Hats and a Pentimento Salon

Great week. Next week I`ll tell you all about the Pentimento Salon, and how an apple box nearly upstaged the final presentation. It`s also fall and cooling off out there and everyone seems to have that “the weather’s changing” tickly cough. Put your scarves on.

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