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May 28, 2012

I’ll Take Director Fury’s Advice


(not plot spoilers, but my favourite line in the movie)

Obviously I saw the Avengers yesterday, it’s one of those movies people don’t think I’m interested in but I will absolutely go and see. Excellent movie. I was saying that other than the catchphrases, the deadpan comments and sarcasm made it completely hilarious for me. And I am having a serious dilemma about who is hotter – Tony Stark or David Banner (see: sapiosexual).


After I posted my blog post yesterday on Facebook, Facebook went wonky on me. Couldn’t post comments or links or photos. Couldn’t like or reply. Couldn’t – Facebook. Oh well – glitch. And off I went to the movies.

Still broken this morning, with no signs of it being fixed or an ETA of fix.  Tried many different things to fix it – and found on the community help forum that this is happened to folks all over – so it’s not a hack, and it’s not “just me”.
Some folks might say, ” well quit mucking about on FB, and get some real work done!” But this is where I do a heck of a lot of real work. (Never fear, clients o’ mine, I can still do page work, as FB sees me as someone else when I’m doing that).

Long story short as a communicator, my main communication tool is broken. Which leads me to Director Fury’s advice.

(Item: Samuel L Jackson – 1000 yard stare. With an eyepatch. Brilliant.)

At one point the Avengers’ airship is under serious attack, on fire all over the place, all systems RFU, all hell breaking loose.  And Director Fury tells – I don’t know, Pilot Navigator Guy to head to City X.  PNG looks all frantic and says something like, “we don’t know where we are, all the computers were damaged, it’s in the middle of trying to recalibrate, we’re flying blind here!!”

Director Fury (1000 yard stare): IS THE SUN COMING UP?? THEN PUT IT ON THE LEFT!”

Sometimes we rely too much in technology to do things “for us”. And we forget that it’s a tool, not the brains behind the work or the organization. Don’t get me wrong, it’s brilliant. But we used to know how to do things before we started expecting so much of tech. Remember that people think of things, and therefore we need to remember we can work around glitches like this.  I’ve already started.

Until Facebook sorts today’s issue out (yes, it’s STILL going on) – I will put the sun on my left.

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