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November 22, 2012

Clocks Youth and Burgers

A full day today¬† – I’m off to Harbourfront to be a chaperone. A friend of mine is bringing her class to do some sort of workshop and I am tagging along as a responsible adult. I’m going early to get a coffee and check out The Clock. I like going on trips like this, it gives me a chance to do little focus groups on the youth of today, and see what they think of the experience they’re having that day. Plus I already know these ones, we went to the Gardiner last year and they made some pretty amazing commedia del arte sculptures.

Tonight has finally arrived and I’m off to the Burger Ball, which is beer and burgers and live music and I think a really good way to spend a Thursday evening. It’s a fundraiser! For The Ontario Vegetarian Food Bank!

Some Thursday reading in case you are not going on a field trip or seeing the Clock or eating burgers for a good cause –¬† Lead With Your Heart, Not Just Your Head. Some good advice for managers and leaders out there.

And another site that a friend turned me on to I’ve bookmarked it based on their tag cloud. Enjoy!


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