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October 2, 2013

Stealth Art + Logic +Emotion

1238839_196103447238148_715729402_nLast class last night for DTRC and AHA. It’s been a good three weeks, with many of the same people having taken all three classes and others popping in and out to add new flavour and insights to the evening. Thanks to Dancer Transition Resource Centre and Artists’ Health Alliance for having me. And thanks to the participants for making them good classes.

Last night was focused on what the participants were doing – we used a couple of them as real live case studies to build strategy and organize tactics into a social media plan for them. One my clients is a member of Stealth Arts Collective. Very cool little org focusing on part guerilla tactics, all art. You can find them on Facebook – go check them out, because I think more people should know about them.

After teaching at DTRC this month, and also at Ryerson I’ve been thinking a lot about social media, in terms of what comes next. We tend to focus on tools and tactics because that’s the thing in front of us that needs doing now. What’s next?

One of my favourite things about the internet is that if you are thinking about something, odds are very good someone else is thinking about it, and entirely possible you know them through the internet. Excellent piece here from David Armano from Logic+EmotionWhat Comes After Social? Take a read.

September 3, 2013

Sunday Roundup on a Tuesday

Because it was Labour Day and back to school and hopefully we are all now in our places with bright shining faces – or at least not moaning too much about it.

here we go – last week! PS I also made my first ever batch of sauce from scratch without a recipe. Pics below to prove it.  This is not a recipe blog but I am pretty pleased.

So – an (un)conference?

What Is THE GAME, client PSAs and Who’s Using What

A Day That Will Live Forever.

We Are Closed Today but here’s a thought

Since we’re talking back to school, time to think about YOUR back to school, and if you’re thinking social media visit my Panels + Workshops page to find out about three different offerings I’ve got in September: 7 weeks at Ryerson/Chang School, 3 nights with DTRC/Artists Health Centre and a one full day at Humber. Looking forward to all of them, looking forward to seeing you there!

And I now give you – The Evolution – of Sauce. By Sue Edworthy.

SAuce Evolution!-page0001


August 11, 2013

Sunday Roundup – August 11

And with that, it’s a month and a day til my birthday. Just sayin’.

About last week…

What to do with the Art?

Who are Your People?

Couple Facebooky articles for Clients and Colleagues


Reminder I am giving a full day workshop September 21, in association with Humber College. Finding Your Audience: Social Media for Artists  Diving into social media can be intimidating. Expert Sue Edworthy will demystify the process and get you going on your own social media strategy in this one-day intensive workshop developed specifically for artists of all disciplines.   Both theoretical and practical, in this workshop you will learn about social media strategy and then get “hands-on” on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.  Case studies from Canada and around the world will be presented to illustrate some winning approaches. Details to come soon.

And Tell Me About It with DTRC/Artists’ Health went so well, we’re figuring out a three class intensive to follow up to that, broken into beginners, strategy, and a master class. Fall 2013, details to come soon.

And back at the Chang School at Ryerson this fall for another round of CDAM 101 Communication and Promotion for the Arts. Seven weeks on Monday evenings, details to follow.


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