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October 3, 2011

Sunday Roundup on Monday

Sorry for the delay folks, I was at a wedding this weekend – two of my favourite people say I do in front of all of us and a grand old celebration was had by all.

So what went on this week?

Everything Stops For Tea – started the week with a terrible cold that’s going around and seems to have left me.

New Day New Digs New Info – spent the day at the Centre Social Innovation at 215 Spadina, setting up me new workspace and attending a great workshop.

Information Overload/Information Detox – great article on how to undertake a detox from all the info that seems to be coming at us these days

A Weekend of Culture – Culture Days, Nuit Blanche and what turned out to be a very successful fundraiser for the newly forme Stratirical Theatre.

A busy week ahead of getting into aq new schedule, new work and new school. I mentioned last week that I am starting a business entrepreneur course through the Toronto Business Development Centre, and later today I’m a guest speaker at the UofT Scarborough campus. The 3rd year Arts Management undergrads are working on a project where they are researching the arts issues for the provincial election  prior to working on “doorstep questions” to ask candidates. I’m looking very much forward to school and guest speaking. Will keep you posted.

September 30, 2011

a Weekend of Culture

Many,many, many things going on this weekend – too many to list. I shall send you straight to the sources. Go, participate, learn, laugh, experience – BE. These are the things that help make this a great city. Be part of it.

For one sleepless night experience the city transformed by hundreds of artists for Toronto’s sixth annual sunset-to-sunrise celebration of contemporary art.  Discover art in galleries, museums and unexpected places. From a streetcar, alleyways and storefronts to churches, ponds and parks, choose from more than 130 destinations and chart your own path.

         Zone A        Zone B      Zone C






Culture Days is a collaborative pan-Canadian volunteer movement to raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of all Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities.  Annual, Canada-wide Culture Days events feature free, hands-on, interactive activities that invite the public to participate “behind the scenes,” to discover the world of artists, creators, historians, architects, curators, and designers at work in their community.  Activities by Region

And finally…

On Saturday, October 1st, beginning at 8PM (doors at 7:30PM) Stratirical Theatre Company is hosting a fundraiser for their inaugural production, “A Workshop Presentation of Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter”.

South London Crime Boss WILSON has cordially invited you to his home for an invitation-only soiree, celebrating the Family’s victory over the war with the McCormick Family – the Irish Mafia. This will be followed by a cruise around the islands on his yacht, The Dumb Waiter,  outfitted with a casino and burlesque parlour.
But before anyone has finished their third drink, mayhem ensues! IT’S MURDER! It’s up to you as loyal friends and family of the Family to figure out WHODUNNIT. The year is 1960. Dress appropriately. But only if you want to...

**RSVP to or this event page … OR you could just show up and hope that you’re in WILSON’S good graces enough to crash the party…but you know how Wilson hates crashers!

Have a good, safe, cultural, thought-provoking arts filled weekend!

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