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June 19, 2012

I see Company X has updated the event – again.

The Fringe is coming, and the Facebook event invites are FLYING.

Oh, Facebook.

Remember how cool it used to be to get event invitations? It was Veronica’s birthday and it was so neat, she’d used a Facebook event and you could RSVP yes or no or maybe and put something on the event wall and then a few weeks later, just GO to the event?

And now everybody is inviting everyone to everything using Facebook invites.

With some of the sort-of recent changes lately, I’ve heard a lot of folks expressing the same sentiment, suddenly feeling bombarded with information about:

– an event they do not (yet) know about;

– from a person they do not know;

– and notifications up the yin-yang about every movement on that page by anyone else invited. So your FB notifications (or email) becomes full of

– Anastasia Fussbottom invited you to (HER FRINGE SHOW!)
– Anastasia Fussbottom changed the date of her event (HER FRINGE SHOW!)
– Anastasia Fussbottom changed the time of her event (HER FRINGE SHOW!)
– Arnold Duckpants wrote on the wall for (HER FRINGE SHOW!)
– Anastasia Fussbottom added a photo to the event (HER FRINGE SHOW!)
– Arnold Duckpants was tagged in a photo on (HER FRINGE SHOW!)’s wall.

You get the picture. (Besides, it was fun to write Anastasia Fussbottom once).

What  are our options? From the user’s perspective, it’s not blowing a gasket until you can get to a computer and turn notifications OFF. See below.

Trouble with this is, it puts the user, ticket buyer, audience member in the “don’t annoy me” driver’s seat.  And folks are not trying to be annoying when they promote a show, they just want you to see their show!  And I personally like knowing about shows going on. I go to a lot of them.

I don’t see it as the promoter’s fault, as they are using what I view as a faulty tool. I’m fairly certain they don’t want to let their potential audience know they’re fixing a typo.

Someone asked me once how often I wanted to hear from a marketer about a festival show, via social media. I thought about it. Four times. max.

1) tell me in advance about your show;
2)remind me you open this week;
3) share a stunning review with me, or that you’re selling out fast;
4) remind me you’re closing.

I’m trying something with a client this Fringe Festival. We’re doing two things – an event invite and a Facebook page. Why?

Traditional event invites, so we can reach all of our network. I love that I’m using the word “traditional” to describe FB invites, BTW.
ETA: Pretend your Facebook invite is ‘going to print’ – have everything ready to go when you hit go.

What’s the page for? All the updates. Folks who are sent the invite are also sent the page link – like the page to get the updates you really want without being inundated by every little thing that Anastasia Fussbottom does.

Pages are also public. Tourists do come to the Fringe – they will not get your invite, but I bet they will search the word Fringe on Facebook. It’s more free space online to market your show outside your network.

ETA: My goal is to have as many shows and events get explosive attendance without people being annoyed by the marketing. It ain’t you, it’s the tool, and until it’s fixed – here we are.

Anyway – my two cents. Keep selling those Fringe shows, there’s an amazing crop this year.

ETA: Today. Today is the workshop. Today I’m doing a marketing workshop panel thingy with the 100. There will definitely be more about that later.

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