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August 20, 2013

Website flipped and an Afternoon in Downtown #hamont

IMG_00000036So my website host is all flipped over and many thanks to the uber-talented Linn Alexandra for not only doing an awesome job, but doing it quickly. I consider myself a good client because I do my best to stay out of the way and not cause too much trouble while designers are working, (which is why there have been no blog posts for a few days, and next Sunday will be a double round up). So I went to Hamilton for the day on Saturday. My friend, colleague and partner in arts rabble-rousing  Bridget lives and works there, so we decided on a lunch date and a wander down James N.

I’ve never been to Hamilton, I’ve heard great things from people I love and respect so off I went. Super easy – Hamilton Express GO bus from Union takes about an hour and leaves every half-hour, and every twenty minutes on the way back. Twenty bucks round trip. Adventure!

Hamilton is a cool city, and it’s in the midst of transition right now. You can tell but the types of stores there from before, and the types springing up and I think great things are happening and in store for the future.  I was going to buy some sort of souvenir mug or keychain or something until we walked into Lister Arts and I saw this – Paris Corset, acrylic on wood by Donna Coulter. Fell in love with it, bought it and left it to be wrapped up while we continued our wanders. Off we went.

Mixed Media is a very very cool little store.”We are an art shop like no other and believe that art = fun and that creativity should be expressed each and every day.” I love art supply stores – there’s unlimited creative potential within them. And notebooks galore – I resisted – I had purchased art. Next time.

Hawk and Sparrow was next –  a curated boutique of new and vintage clothing for men and women located in the art district of Hamilton, Ontario. H&S sources their pieces both locally and internationally. It is Hawk & Sparrow’s mission to only pick pieces that are truly beautiful and unique. Absolutely true – some lovely lovely pieces in there. Bridget did not buy the dress that would look awesome on her – she should go back and buy it.  Bridget if you’re reading this go get that dress.

Lunchtime – because if we’re visiting for lunch we should have some. On the hunt for a patio, we saw a sign advertising the best patio ever. Off we went round the building to a super cute little backyard patio, and quite possibly one of  the best burgers I’ve ever had at Jack and Lois – burger lovers, take note! Burger and beer and gossip on a sunshiney breezy day.

Final stop – Blackbird Studios. Oh my GOD.  Comparable to Lilliput in Toronto for everything but hats. I’m going back there. With money. BLACKBIRD STUDIOS is Kiki and Buckshot’s latest fashion endeavor! Drawing on years of experience catering to the demands of Rockstars, Roller Girls, Burlesque Artistes, Fashion Misfits and Fashionistas, Kiki and Buckshot were inspired to create their new “BLACKBIRD STUDIOS” line of clothing and accessories. MADE FOR A GIRL WITH A PAST…A WOMAN WITH A HISTORY.
I mean COME ON.

As you can tell, I had an excellent time hanging with a friend and discovering new places, new creativity and new art (with an excellent tour guide). I’ll be going back. You should go. Take a day trip. Easiest one I’ve ever done.


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