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June 26, 2012

Accolades Across the Country

Kind of neat that last night was a celebration of theatre in both Toronto and Vancouver, with the Doras at the St. Lawrence Centre and the Jessies at the Commodore Ballroom.

Love the Doras. Love the chance for as many folks as possible to get together, get gussied up, see each other, celebrate and blow off some steam. Love seeing folks I don’t get enough time to see throughout the year, and I’d imagine it’s the same at the Jessies. A genuine celebration. JOY indeed.

Thom Allison, you are a host to be reckoned with. And so many thanks to the awesome team at TAPA for putting on yet another amazing party.

Dora recipient list is here, Jessie recipient list is here.

The finery isn’t put away yet for me – tonight’s the annual Fundraiser for The Toronto Fringe Festival – hosted by David Mirvish and held in the menswear section of Honest Ed’s (I KNOW, right?) it’s guaranteed to be a Fringe-tastic night!

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