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August 25, 2013

(double) Sunday Roundup August 25

Double roundup because last Sunday my website was being flipped to another server/host and I was staying out of the way. Am sure you all survived. So here we are:

Excitement, Inc – Mission Paradox

What KInd of Reader are You? and a website flip

Website flipped and an Afternoon in Downtown #hamont

That’s One Awesome Kickstarter you Got There

Upcoming Learning and a Twitter Lingo Infographic  head over to my Panels + Workshops page for more info on workshops and courses I’m teaching in September!

Creating Tweets – an infographic from Neomobile



July 12, 2012

On Boards, on Crowdfunding, On Message Fatigue

We’ve cleared the halfway mark in this year’s Toronto Fringe – record-breaking sales are happening, advance tickets gone days before a show – a fantastic festival overall, and congratulations to staff and volunteers – home stretch!

Also major thank yous to the reviewers who have been tirelessly covering a ridiculous amount of shows – props to NOW, The Grid, Mooney on Theatre, BlogTO and Torontoist.

I’ve been bookmarking articles and every so often they get backed up so you get a post of things to read.

There has been a great deal of discussion lately on social media on board of directors, when they should step down, how to get them to step down, do you have to just wait it out, this is why there should be term limits, but a question that’s been asked, but hasn’t been answered (that I’ve seen) is: can you fire a Board of Directors?

Google gave me 30,600,000 results in (0.26 seconds). Here’s one of them.

Firing a Board Member with Grace

The statement I found most compelling in this:

But it matters that nonprofits always retain the right to fire a Board member because…
No one is above mission discipline.

And no one should operate outside it, most especially top decision makers like Board members

Event coming up at CSI that I want to go to:  A Quality Conversation about Crowdfunding in Ontario, CSI will be hosting Sherwood Neiss – one of the team that drove the crowdfunding legislation in the US – to brief us on what they did, how they did it and what we might do to make it happen here in Ontario.  You will also hear from local experts on where we are at in moving the crowdfunding agenda forward in Canada.

And finally Communication Fatigue. Over-communication is real. More than 100 trillion e-mails are sent every year, and that number is rising annually by about 10 per cent. Of those emails, about 76 per cent flow to consumers while 24 per cent are sent to corporate users. According to Radicati Group the typical consumer sends or receives more than 45 emails a day while the typical corporate user sends or receives more than 167 emails a day.

I’m too tired to write anymore about it.

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