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October 29, 2013

an Arts Shared Platform Survey and cdap is back

The Metcalf Foundation has engaged db 3rd Sector Consultancy to study the feasibility of creating a shared platform for the arts and explore the greater potential for the arts community to share high quality administrative services. read more


CDAP: Deadline November 4, 2013

PROJECT GOAL: To encourage participation by culturally diverse* artists in the Toronto Fringe Festival as a creative opportunity they may traditionally feel excluded from.

The Toronto Fringe is committed to offering creative opportunities to artists and arts lovers.  With the generous and invaluable support from TD Bank, we are able to launch our final year of a three year project to encourage greater participation in the Fringe Festival by artists who self-identify as culturally diverse by removing some of the traditional barriers to participation, including financial concerns, awareness of the Fringe, artistic support and a sense of being excluded from mainstream events.

Fringe Festival participants are chosen by lottery and are required to self-produce their work.  Festival organizers can never interfere with the work on stage and 100% of box office revenue is returned to the artists.  This has meant that the Fringe Festival has become the most accessible arts opportunity for emerging and otherwise unsupported artists to tell their stories.  Nonetheless, after researching the participation trends we see at the Festival each year we feel that artists who self-identify as culturally diverse are not applying to the Festival in the same capacity. CDAP is an attempt to begin a dialogue with this community of artists and encourage them to access the opportunities the Fringe makes available. read more

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